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    Default Mirio Togata Eats The Suit-Sui No Mi

    So at some point in his life, Mirio Togata eats the Sui-Sui No Mi, The Swim-Swim Fruit, granting him the ability to swim in solid matter such as ground and walls as if it were water, the latter even allowing the user to swim upwards, seemingly disregarding gravity. It also allows the user to submerge into the ground to avoid colliding with it upon falling from a great height by performing a high dive. The fruit can also allow the user to move discreetly, as they will be mostly covered by the ground, allowing them to infiltrate places more easily, at the cost of the typical devil fruit weaknesses.

    Taking this into account, I was wondering how this would work with his quirk of Permeation allowing him to phase through things.

    Would it improve or alter his fighting style and how would he alter it to take these new tricks into account?
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    It does basically give him more options to work with since he can move through solid matter at his own pace instead of shooting through as he usually does with his quirk. So he becomes even stealthier.

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