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    Default Image Comics on Comixology

    I have noticed that the bulk of Image single issues are only .99 cents each (.89 if you are an unlimited member) on COMIXOLOGY.
    There is no sale announced. Does anybody know if this is the regular price or a limited time offer? Should I hurry to stock up now?

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    I'd be VERY surprised if this was a new constant price. Before the pandemic comics have just got more expensive on comixology. I'm in Europe and the regular older issues went from 1.79€ to 2.59€. Now they are indeed - I think - 1.09€, but I would guess this is a "pandemic sale" with no end date announced.

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    Great sale, after seeing this thread the other day I finally picked up the Invincible and Invincible universe books, as well as a Mark Millar 6 issue magic series, so thanks Bri.

    Invincible was the big hole in my collection since I bought the issues and over sized hard covers already. It's nice to know other than a little maintenance on some classic marvel and DC reprints as they come out I have a completed collection (minus stuff that will probably never see digital from dead companies). This was the last time I will be spending a couple hundred bucks, probably more along the lines of $30 or so a year.

    One sadness for me is the lack of Supreme. I loved the Rob Liefeld run for the silly power fantasy it was. I wish he would put a little more effort into digitizing early Image work.

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