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    Quote Originally Posted by sbp1972 View Post
    "Ted Kord" = Max Lord. Just my guess. He's got history with trying to control governmental agencies for his own agenda (Checkmate). And he might harbor an irrational grudge against Ted, so impersonating him to smear his rep is a logical possibility.
    I definitly got a Max Lord vibe off the artwork. Maybe Max is using his power to control Ted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnighter View Post
    I definitly got a Max Lord vibe off the artwork. Maybe Max is using his power to control Ted?
    Good point. Hadn't thought of just straight-up mind control. I also think the death of -you-know-who referenced in the solicits for September is a fake out. He'll be going undercover is my best guess. And that will tie in to the resolution of the Max/Ted storyline.

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    I wanted to come in and say this, Flash Annual #3 is basically just Suicide Squad #5.5. Like its really only tangentially a Flash story, although he is in it and plays a big part in the story, it’s really a Captain Boomerang and Suicide Squad issue.

    However it does bring up some thoughts about the main Suicide Squad story

    Flash straight up helps the Suicide Squad escape time safety because he feels bad for them for what they’ve been through, not specifically Ted Kord just the whole bomb in necks forced to work for government thing. It’s this and the bounty on them that has me believe at this time that for whatever reason Ted hasn’t used his hero community connections, either because he really doesn’t want them involved or perhaps it’s not really Ted Kord. Have to wait and see as it’s just conjecture.
    end of spoilers
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