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    Default Looters & Rioters need to be called out!

    I wanted to give a big middle finger & a collective "@$%# You" to all of these rioters/looters/thieves who have caused property damage, looted, and/or hurt innocent people during these latest "protests" in the U.S. These businesses & people haven't done anything to these rioters/looters, and they're going to have to spend a lot of time & money to rebuilt. And, what's even worse is that a lot of them have lost money prior to this (and are continuing to lose $) due to the pandemic. These scum are just making people's lives harder & contributing to the problems we're already having with the economy.

    This is similar to what happened to L.A. during the riots in 1992. So, you're protesting the way you're being treated & end up destroying the local businesses in the area, even though these businesses haven't done anything to you & in some cases are in the communities you live in?! What kind of sense does that make?! You stupid d-bags.

    If someone breaks in my house with the intent to steal my belongings, I am definitely within my rights to defend my home & property with deadly force. And, I don't see any difference between a house being broken into & a business being destroyed. In fact, some apartments (on top of some of these businesses) have been damaged/destroyed as well as a result of this destruction. Where will these people live now?
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