I mean I think the Red Right Hand had a really dumb plan. For one I feel like there was no real guarantee if any of the Mongrels were Wolverine's children and second I think it's a bit stupid none of them have returned and be revealed to have a healing factor. I mean yeah I get they were mutants but maybe some of them had a healing factor and hadn't been seriously injured in the past enough to discover it? I mean Wolverine Goes To Hell had a good idea but the idea that none of the Mongrels would inherit his healing power is a tad far fetched and makes me wonder if any of them were really his kids. I mean Mysterio screwing with his head and tricking him into killing his fellow X-Men was a far better blow to Wolverine's mental and emotional state. Also the Red Right Hand's whole plan was to deny him revenge? I mean they just saved him the trouble of killing them and besides this is a guy who knows Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange do they really think a little thing like death is going to stop him from ripping them apart?