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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastieRunner View Post
    David Tennant, Paul Bettany, Daniel Craig, would all be miles above Ryan and I do enjoy him.

    They need somebody bigger.

    James McAvoy, Damian Lewis, Jude Law ... Jim Sturgess can do a Scouse accent.

    I wanted it 15 years ago and still want it now but my number one choice is still Ewan McGregor.

    Craig would be my number 2.
    All of these guys are extremely talented...although visually I just don't really see them as Constantine. Craig is too clean-cut for me to believe him as John.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ilan Preskovsky View Post
    Honestly, no. I've always found his Constantine just a bit too mannered for its own good to the point that it often feels like he's someone pretending to be Constantine rather than Constantine himself. It's a weirdly unnatural performance from someone who I think probably is a good actor but who seems to be caught up in the particular mannerisms of this iconic character to the point that he just doesn't strike me as being particularly at ease in the role. Oddly, he has actually finally won me over on Legends because that whole series does have that big, cartoony energy that is punctuated by plenty of actual heart, even pathos. This is pretty much a perfect fit for his take on Constantine, even if I am somewhat ambivalent about having a character like Constantine on a show like Legends in the first place.

    On the flip side, though, I do think his voice work in the latest Justice League Dark animated movie was actually much more natural than his live-action Constantine. At least from what I've seen.

    Or, I don't know, maybe it's just that his accent always sounds completely wrong to me. I've always pictured him having either a scouse accent (which is what he is) or cockney. Welsh just sounds wrong.

    And I really hate to say this because the dude is clearly very committed to the role and, to be fair, it may just be me considering just how many fans he has.
    The animated work has definitely hearkened more towards the more classic interpretation of Constantine compared to his recent live-action appearances, and I think that shows Ryan can play that stuff well when they actually let him.

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    I think Ryan has done a solid job but I would like to see someone else get the role.

    Joe Anderson from across the universe, horns, the grey and the crazies would be my choice for Constantine.

    Joe Cole from peaky blinders, gangs of London, black mirror and skins would be my 2nd choice.
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