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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kelly View Post
    I think the main issue with the computer graphics on the Ryan Reynolds costume comes from it being early days in the use of that technology for costumes on real live human beings in movies. It's done all the time now in super-hero movies and it's often invisible to the audience. There are a lot of computer graphics that we don't notice--it's only when they are obviously computer generated that we notice them and they become a matter of discussion.

    The funny thing is Reynolds was one of those actors known for having a ripped body. I could see using graphics or padded armour on actors who weren't ripped. With Reynolds, they should have used body paint and had him do his scenes practically naked. I'd say the same for Henry Cavill. What's the point of hiring actors that look like Greek gods if you're going to cover all that up with plastics and special effects?
    Im not saying infinity war doesnt look cool or thanos doesnt look cool....

    But the difference between an animatronic thanos or actor in make up and forced perspective etc is night and day.

    If your 18 and played video games all your life maybe you think this cgi looks real..

    If your an adult most of what you see is animation and looks like animation.

    Honestly hulk would be way cooler with an actor in makeup and forced perspective with a bit of cgi... rather then just everything always cgi...

    How many huge bodybuilders couldnt play the part?

    Modern super hero movies are very disengaging.

    Real stunts, real makeup, real explosions.

    I feel like it used to be common place to blow up buildings and now its headline news when nolan blows a real building up in tdk

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    I thought Hal's animated suit was fine other than the lack of padding for his feet - he looked like he was wearing socks. One thing I appreciated about it was the rippling energy - when he's using his will power, it gave a visual representation of him amping up his power rather than just relying on his strained face to convey it since he's often a "point and shoot" energy wielder. I also didn't mind that it looked like alien technology rather than a Batman type segmented armor or something that looked like cloth or leather.

    I didn't like the mask though.

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