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  • Jason Todd (Red Hood)

    17 56.67%
  • August Heart (Godspeed)

    12 40.00%
  • Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

    7 23.33%
  • Mera of Xebel

    10 33.33%
  • Artemis of Bana-Mighdall

    19 63.33%
  • Benjamin Turner (Bronze Tiger)

    19 63.33%
  • Black Adam

    10 33.33%
  • Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana)

    19 63.33%
  • Thomas Blake (Catman)

    9 30.00%
  • Bizarro

    7 23.33%
  • Simon Baz (Green Lantern)

    16 53.33%
  • Mister Terrific

    14 46.67%
  • Mark Shaw (Leviathan)

    4 13.33%
  • Mari McCabe (Vixen)

    15 50.00%
  • Other (specify)

    7 23.33%
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    Post Justice League: Secret Seven Draft

    Ok so here's my angle, I kinda wanted to see what a contemporary Justice League Extreme/Justice League: Task Force would look like. so I propose a Secret Seven, a team that sorta mirrors the structure of the core Justice League team, but while the core team is meant to protect and preserve this team is focused on termination and domination; any threat that can't be terminated is to be taken over. The team has complete autonomy from the league (Batman included) and only reports to the Chairman (Martian Manhunter) and the UN (tentatively). There's a poll of Justice League-level characters, pick seven characters that you would want on the team (a why would be cool too), the character with the most is the leader of the Secret Seven and the following top 6 are the team. if you want someone who isn't listed please specify because I will try to tally those up too.

    my poll is only up for 20 days, so that will be the timeframe for the recruitment. I tried to put uncommon picks on the poll following these parameters:
    * they can't be identifiably Justice League
    * they have to be willing to kill and/or go to morally grey territory
    * while they can be villainous they have to be more or less heroic, anti-villainous at worst
    * they have to be able to perform at the level of top tier Justice League members (the core 7)

    EDIT: I meant to pick Vixen not Leviathan smh oh well
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    Secret Eight

    Batman—Green Arrow
    Wonder Woman—Vixen
    Flash—Atom (Choi)
    Green Lantern—Jade
    Aquaman—Black Canary
    Martian Manhunter—Starman
    Cyborg—Firestorm (Rusch)

    I know you said 7, but since Cyborg’s inclusion I felt the need to add him, and I don’t care what DC says, J’Onn should always be a founding member.
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    Slade shouldn't be on ANY JL roster no matter what their agenda is.

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    Among those listed in the poll, my top four votes went to...

    Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

    Artemis of Bana-Mighdall

    Jason Todd (Red Hood)

    Black Adam

    As for other, these three round out my Top Seven (7):

    Pre-Flashpoint Roy Harper (Arsenal)

    Jade Nguyen (Cheshire)

    Walter West (Dark Flash)

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    Bizarro (Superman)
    Bronze Tiger (Batman)
    Etrigan the Demon (Wonder Woman)
    Rick Flag Jr. (Green Arrow)
    Mera (Aquaman)
    Godspeed (Flash)
    Tattooed Man (Green Lantern)
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    The captain selects for his seven the following:

    Artemis of Bana-Mighdall
    Benjamin Turner (Bronze Tiger)
    Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana)
    Thomas Blake (Catman)
    Simon Baz (Green Lantern)
    Mister Terrific
    Mari McCabe (Vixen)

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    What was the Elite?

    Quote Originally Posted by lemonpeace View Post
    this team is focused on termination and domination; any threat that can't be terminated is to be taken over. The team has complete autonomy from the league (Batman included) and only reports to the Chairman (Martian Manhunter) and the UN (tentatively).
    It's hard for me to image the JL would lend it's name to this or any of those entities listed would get involved with this premise.
    Yet if you mean a random team that as you say "sorta mirrors the structure of the core Justice League team"

    I take it there is more than just a job and pay at stake (so that leaves off mercs), and they are not being coerced a la Suicide Squad members) so I'm piking characters who might genuinely believe they are doing right thing, and this is the way to go.

    Black Adam for Superman
    Artemis for Wonder Woman
    Azrael for Batman
    Guy Gardner in his (Yellow ring phase) or Warrior persona for GL

    following these parameters:
    * they can't be identifiably Justice League
    (Simon Baz in his GL persona being listed would likely be identifiably associated with with JL)

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    Of the choices listed, I picked:

    Red Hood
    Brone Tiger
    Black Adam

    I know that Vixen killed when she was in the Suicide Squad but she really seemed to regret it so I don't see being a comfortable with having to make that decision regularly.
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    From those listed, here is my list

    Jason Todd
    Bronze Tiger
    Black Adam
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    Yeah I cant see this as a sanctioned thing.

    I COULD however see Jason grabbing like minded people going "Look, nothings changing. The JLA do good work but dont do shit to actually stop the issues before they start, I aim to change that"

    He goes from his Dark Trinity (Jason/Artemis/Bizzaro) to a full Dark Justice League. They find out Luthors making a Superhuman arms factory, they burn it to the ground and dump a corpse on his desk.

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    My picks and why:

    Black Adam - Magic Powerhouse
    Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana) - Stealth
    Thomas Blake (Catman) - Comic Relief
    Mister Terrific - Tech/Oracle like character
    Mari McCabe (Vixen) - Money and face of the team.
    And for my other two, I picked:
    Green Lantern from Far Sector - I really enjoy her and every JL needs a Lantern.
    Raven - Magical back up, and she can teleport

    I went for a more diverse team, cause that's what I would like to see haha. Maybe make Mister Terrific gay like in Arrow, and pair him up with Catman, idk. Crazy idea haha.

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    I picked six and neglected to click "Other" for my other, but for other I'll go with Rose & Thorn.

    Also, I almost voted for Red Hood, but I wouldn't want to see a Batman surrogate throwing his weight around acting like Batman, because I feel like he'd be written like an even more obnoxious Batman.

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    Want to put a post here 'cause I plan on coming back to this thread to make my picks.

    I'll say right quick that Simon might not fit the criteria as neatly as it might seem he would. Simon has a lot of anger to him from living and growing up as he does and did, yes. But despite this, he's a lot more intrinsically and typically heroic than he may seem, even if he was willing to carry and firearm as back-up. Were he on the team, he'd more likely be the mediating voice of reason or balance than it might seem he would. Same for Mr. Terrific and Vixen, I'd wager. Which would actually make them good choices to include, thinking on it.

    I also would not want Slade anywhere near this concept. Partly because I'm Slade-out right now, but I don't seem him as consistently being willing to play the hero card, even if an anti-heroic way. He's pretty much the worst, most unambiguous bad guy here, even if he has sometimes been written as a vague anti-hero in the past. It would just feel uncomfortable with him being here and a part of any variation of this team concept.

    On a different note, I'm not sure the picks need to be 100% analogous to the a typical JL team, per se. (I.e., that there has to be a this or that, and each choice can be one-to-oned with a typical JL member.)
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