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    Default Lucita de Aragon vs Wolverine

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    That's not a great fight for Wolverine as shroud of night should happen pretty much at fight start and distort most of his senses to unusability while also part smothering him within the big ol black cloud of shadow.

    The real problem though is that Lucita can just turn into a shadow and start spamming obtenebration powers. Call up enough shadow tentacles while Wolverine is functionally blind, deaf and having trouble breathing and that's going to eventually get the pin.

    Alternatively the darkness within (she has obtenebration 6 and all) can just eventually auto hit exsanguinate him while she kicks around as a shadow. I feel like taking all of Wolverine's blood away is good for a ten count at least.

    Tl:dr, obtenebration is broken ;p

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