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Thread: Adventureman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker View Post
    I haven't even looked in to this. I'm a pretty big fan of Fraction, but he is still hit or miss for me.

    I find that I'm either 100% in love with his work, or I have no interest in it at all, and there's basically zero middle ground.
    You should pick it up, it's worth it for the art alone but the story was fun too so definitely a must read.

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    Just picked up my copy this afternoon and read it this afternoon. I think I kind of loved it..all kinds of batsh*t crazy ideas crammed into one gorgeously illustrated book. It really felt like 2 issues under one cover. The story of the classic Adventureman was a prologue of sorts, kind of a zero issue, and then the stuff with Claire and Tommy were a proper first issue.

    I think this was one time where Image's policy of putting all the house ads and text pieces at the back worked against it, as I think if they had been placed between the prologue and the Claire/Tommy stuff it would have led to the reader taking a breath between the two, allowing some of the stuff from the prologue to digest and simmer while the text piece was read, and then starting a bit fresher diving into the second part. Kind of an intermission making it feel more like two issues under one cover than one giant issue. But I'm on board ot see where this goes.

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    MRP, that sounds like an excellent suggestion. And I think I would've enjoyed it a lot more, not felt quite so much overwhelmed, had it been published as you suggest.
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