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    Default Good films about Michael Jackson?

    Hey everyone.

    In spark of all the controversy over "Leaving Neverland" (Did not watch it, thought it was biased), I got really interesed in Michael Jackson's life. Of course I knew the man before and listened a lot of his songs, but for the first time I wanted to see him behind scenes. I watched an interview he did with Oprah Winfrey and he truly seemed so innocent and childlike. Are there any good and truthful documentaries of him? Only one I know of is "This is It", Which I didn't get to see at the time of release because I was a little young.


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    Check out this link on wikipedia and you'll find the list of most of his videography - music videos, video albums, shorts, documentaries and films he starred in

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    Michael Jackson wound up being sort of like Prince.

    While there is some stuff out there, each of them seemed to be aware of keeping some of the story untold. It's not really like Brian Wilson where, every once in a while, he would drop something in an interview that would make your blood run cold.

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