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    Default Underground Comix Movement of 1960's/70's


    I am currently researching into the American underground comix movement that took place during the 1960's / 70's for my MA dissertation at the University of Sheffield. My dissertation is wanting to focus in on the work by female artists of then movement.

    I was wondering (this maybe a long shot) if there is any fans on this forums that where alive when the movement took place? Or even any artists that took part in the movement? I am looking to do some quick interviews either by email or through Skype with fans or artists from the times.

    If anyone knows anyone who may be interested or fit they criteria then please let me know

    Kind regards


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    I was there, buying comix at head shops years before I started smoking pot.

    I hope you're aware of

    You can find more fans and some discussion of undergrounds at the site in my signature.
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