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    Default Vulcans would make great jedi

    I love Star Wars. I love Star Trek. I never got into the rivalry between the two franchises as each shows a different spectrum of the sci fi genre. I was thinking about what Star Trek races would work well in the Star Wars Universe.

    I think that as my title says Vulcans would make great Jedi. With their logic and lack of emotion. They would be great to take up that path. And with their long lives they would make great mentors to the next generation of Jedi. They would make great researchers and diplomats.

    I think the Klingons would be fun. They would be a great race to go against the Empires anti alien attitude and be great fighters for the rebels.

    The Ferengi would make great arms dealers and low lever crime bosses engaging in all kinds of illegal goods. A good foil to the Hutts.
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    Jedi can be emotional (as long as they don't go too far with the 'dark' emotions, although they're meant to not form attachments.

    Vulcans seem OK with attachments to a degree, as there seem to be plenty of married Vulcans. They're also not really devoid of emotions, just they keep them under tight control. There's a few Vulcan monks who totally eschew it though I think, we see them in TMP, the Kolinar, but I think ENTERPRISE and some other things say it's not for every Vulcan.

    Vulcans are also forbidden to lie (Although Spock does manage to find some wiggle room by "exagerrating" in TWOK), so they might be not great with the mind trick. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Vulcans would probably devote themselves entirely to the study of midi-chlorians, leaving it up for Humans and other races to do that violent peacekeeping stuff for the galaxy.
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    Vulcan philosophy would theoretically align more with Jedi teaching about detachment and service... but Vulcans can be just as arrogant or emotional as Romulans, and vice-versa; there’s been more than one Vulcan who’s gone a bit too far or just plain been bad, and Sarek’s episodes, especially in TNG, pretty clearly show how emotional Vulcans can get.

    Klingons would be interesting, since intuitively they’d seem to align more with Sith overall, but their actual counterpart is likely the Mandalorian’s, and Worf’s son Alexander shows where they’re not neccessarily predispositioned towards aggression in all things... and it’s not like the awesome General Chang was a whirlwind of emotion.
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    I'm not a "trekkie" but have passing knowledge of the franchise so I'll have a crack at this. Jedi even though they are to be mindful of it, they believe in using and trusting their feelings and intuition. They don't suppress their feelings, they let them guide them without being controlled or giving in to them. As for what I know about Vulcans they work off of suppressing emotions and feelings and deal in logic and reason. I don't think that they could willing trust their feelings and follow intuition when doing so will be illogical.
    Qui-Gon Jinn arguably a very great Jedi would make a terrible Vulcan as he tells Anakin to not to think but feel during the pod race. Spock (who is half human) who in many instances goes against the Vulcan idea of avoiding the illogical path and at times follows his feelings would make an ok Jedi.

    Also I think that Vulcans have an utilitarianism belief system the idea of the "greater good". Where an evil or dark act can be justified by its outcome if it is a benefit to the whole. The needs of the many outweighing that of the few, this was said in a noble self sacrificing gesture by Spock but just as easily could be said by Sheev Palpatine as he created the 1st Galactic Empire in some sense to maximize utility.

    I think in Star Wars the closest thing to a Vulcan would be Grand Admiral Thrawn.
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