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    Default Keep the Continuity: Where Would You Go From Here?

    Time appears to move forward, and therefore stories move forward as well -- unless the story involves time travel, but that's a whole different conversation.

    I always assume that, even if a favorite character isn't currently putting out a comic that I enjoy (or maybe isn't even currently in any comics at all!) that eventually I'll probably get an opportunity to enjoy that character's adventures again. I'd certainly prefer that to rehashes of stories already told, and it'd be a shame to lose the history of most characters, as the stories inevitably provide depth to the characters, making their actions and choices all the more meaningful.

    Plus, whenever I'm waiting for a character's comeback, I get to make up stories in my head about what I'd like in the future!

    So, instead of rebooting things, I ask this question:

    Where would you like to see your favorite characters go from wherever the last writer left them, or where their current writer seems to be taking them? Whether you like an A-lister like Wolverine or a D-lister like Sleepwalker, I'm curious what direction you'd like to the character go -- but instead of hearing what you dislike or want removed, I'd be much more interested in hearing what specific continuity you might choose to lean on, what authors or artists from the past you might draw inspiration from -- essentially, I want to know how you'd continue building the story of the character rather than hear about any destruction or erasure.

    I hope you enjoy sharing your hopes for future stories with everyone!

    -Pav, who is celebrating his 36th birthday today...
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    Happy birthday!

    That's all I wanted to say haha
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    Scarlet Spiders --- Chris Yost's Scarlet Spider (and New Warriors), J.M. DeMatteis's Ben Reilly and Kaine stories, and even Peter David's Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider. Tie up and resolve the dangling plot threads from each of those so that Ben and Kaine can move forward into new adventures, preferably in the style of Supernatural, traveling around the country saving the innocent and bringing their own unique brand(s) of justice wherever they go.

    Marvel 2099 --- Continue and expand on the recent 2099 relaunch, however ultimately underwhelming it might have been, starting with Miguel O'Hara, newly transformed into Spider-Man 2099, fighting against the tyranny of Doom 2099 and the Alchemax megacorporation that had his brother Gabriel killed. Speaking of Doom 2099, reveal whether or not he is the actual Victor Von Doom and flesh out the circumstances that provoked him to essentially erase the superheroes from existence and memory. Besides Miguel and Doom 2099, I'd even expand on the stories of the new Punisher 2099, the new Venom 2099, the "other" Doom 2099, and Ghost Rider 2099, as well as HERBIE's ongoing desperate efforts to recreate the Fantastic Four. Eventually, everyone's individual stories would coalesce and converge upon Spider-Man 2099 vs. Doom 2099 for a final showdown, although beating Doom 2099 would still leave the megacorps behind to be dealt with afterwards, which might well be the harder part.
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