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    Default Help Finding Movie Title

    I saw this movie poster like two months ago...

    the poster is a girl and she's laying on a pile of random stuff and its very like aesthetic looking. and the words i think were in bold and all white and like in ariel black font.

    For some reason i remember the movie being an older movie like before the 2000's but I'm not sure. I just remember thinking the poster looked modern and pretty for the year the movie was from.

    i think the girl was in like a school girl outfit and i think it was like a foreign horror movie.

    i remember thinking the girl on the cover was mary elizabeth winstead but it wasn't her.

    if anybody can help. Thanks

    it wasn't pulp fiction. it was more like the american beauty poster where she's laying in the roses

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    You don't know anything about the plot?

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    So, where did you see this poster?

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    Was it maybe Jennifer's body with Megan Fox in a cheerleader uniform?
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