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    Default Your Marvel-Only Controversial Opinions (2020...)

    I couldn't find a recent version of this, so I thought I'd try it (Mods, feel free to consolidate this if ive missed it).

    Byrne's revision of the Vision in Avengers West Coast was the best version of the character ever put to page. That's an uncommon one for me as I typically prefer characters as created.

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    Kill Spider Gwen. Gwen Stacy has always meant more in death than this corny knock off female version of Spider-Man. Controversial I know...

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    [Your Favorite Character] is less valuable than [My Favorite Character].

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    Quote Originally Posted by H-E-D View Post
    [Your Favorite Character] is less valuable than [My Favorite Character].
    Goddammit you didn't have to put the /thread so soon haha.

    But I'm gonna have a go: Hydra Cap was a great idea and fun to read before Secret Empire

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    the x-men deserve their own seperate universe since 999999998.9% of interactions with the rest of the marvel universe for over a decade have been on-sided sessions of mutants being the villainous punching bags but also the cash cows everyone gets to take a swing at to promote their sales.

    The x-men have enough established and even more potential to be stuck in a shared universe, make the invisble wall that already exists into a real one.

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    The fact that the Miles Morales character's movie rights are with Sony is better for the character. Just like Deadpool being with FOX before Disney bought them was probably better for his character.

    Miles Morales' star has risen so much that he is no longer the third member of the trio of Ms. Marvel and Nova. He is the star and they are pretty much his backup singers.

    During the Covid induced misery the industry is going through DC has shown real leadership. Marvel has shown a way to make variants in the most pretty way possible.

    Feige's dislike of Loeb led him to using The Eternals instead of The Inhumans. Yes, the Inhumans were on TV but that show was so terrible everyone forgot it and those who haven't forgot it want to forget it. Feige should have just swallowed his pride and used The Inhumans.

    Maybe the people that were furloughed...don't really need to come back?

    We all liked Daredevil...but no one wants to see the Marvel/Disney take on the character.

    The Blade movie WILL disappoint. Why? See my take on Daredevil.

    Marvel needs to buy IDW.

    Jane Thor getting into the movies has nothing to do with the storyline being good (90s style event storytelling dross combined with people who will not tolerate having holes in their collections) and everything to do with the fact that they have burned through all the good stuff and the movie machine must be fed.

    Marvel should buy Boom Comics.

    Dan Didio being let go at DC was the right decision. However, I feel that the problem with him was that he overstayed his welcome. I WOULD WELCOME HIM AT MARVEL. CB is overrated, Alonso set the bar so low that anyone would look good by comparison. Search your know it's true.

    Marvel should buy Valiant Comics. What? You really think IDW, Boom and Valiant are going to cost a lot? All Marvel has to do is wait until Diamond goes under. Of course IDW could cost a lot because they have their Netflix shows...HA HA HA Well Valiant has had a Bloodshoot movie and are working on their own cinematic universe....HA HA HA

    Joe Quesada needs to come back as an artist on a title, any title.

    Moon Knight will forever be an awesome costume in search of an interesting person to wear it. If you made a pie chart of what makes Moon Knight cool the Original costume would take up the entire thing.
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    rick jones is a disease
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny
    Discord call outs lead to panic. Panic leads to fear fear leads to hate hate leads to 1.99 slim Jimís at Walgreens

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    Riri Williams, Jericho Drumm, Shuri, Amadeus Cho, Sam Wilson should have been kept as the official and only Iron Man, Sorcerer Supreme, Black Panther, Hulk and Captain America.
    And Faiza Hussein should have been promoted Captain Britain.
    Phyla Vell should have been kept as Captain Marvel.
    Bill should have been the new Thor, not Jane.

    The MCU was doing fine without Spider-Man, the FF and the X-Men, and should have stayed that way.

    Cyclops era and Storm era X-Men should be teachers and be kept in the background.
    The New Mutants and Gen X characters should be the main X-Men.

    Mary Jane Watson makes every Spider-Man comics she appears in a snorefeast.
    Bringing back the old, killing the young: that's the Marvel way

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    Dario Agger is a better villain than Doctor Doom

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    They shouldn’t have depowered the Hulks just to make Amadeus a Hulk and give all the other Hulks their gamma back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Captain America View Post
    Marvel's best TV series is Agents of Shield
    This is not controversial, but fact.

    Endgame should have led to a universe restart with the a 2 year gap between any new MCU movie; because then the Fox merger could be finalized and then the incorporation of the X-Men and FF could be there from the beginning.

    Hickman's Secret Wars is the true ending of the Marvel Universe.

    Simonson's Thor is nigh unreadable to anyone under the age of 35.

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    Cyclops was wrong and should have been permanently killed off or left as a villain at least. The X-Men was in better hands under Storm, Jean, and Wolverine.

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    Quicksilver isn't allowed to grow but should really be on of the most important characters hero or villain in the Marvel universe.

    Not cause he's my favorite but because he's like this weird 6 degrees of separation character.
    My priority is enjoying and supporting stories of timeless heroism and conflict.
    Everything else is irrelevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H-E-D View Post
    [Your Favorite Character] is less valuable than [My Favorite Character].
    I feel like this is a good one and done. lol
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