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    Default Non Hellboy Mignola comics(artwork)?

    Apart from the amazing screw on head are there any non Hellboy books in the hellboy universe drawn by Mignola himself?

    Are there no Abe Sapien or BPRD drawn by Mignola himself?

    I just find that none of the other artist seem to move me as his work does.

    If not which other comics would you recommend in the Hellboy universe?

    Thank you for helping out.

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    If you like Hellboy then the next place to go is BPRD: Plague of Frogs. First couple stories are a little slow but once it gets going it’s as good if not better than Hellboy. And there are a number of fabulous artists in it. You’ll occasionally see Mignola art, but not for anything beyond a short story or a couple special pages here and there

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    The Amazing Screw-On Head is not part of the Hellboy universe. (The Magician and The Snake - kind off)

    For other Mignola drawn stuff - see my list :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Bentzen View Post
    The Amazing Screw-On Head is not part of the Hellboy universe.
    Sort of. In the Hellboy Universe it was a series of books written by Walter Edmond Heap, in 1899, 1900, and 1902. He's the guy that painted "Death Riding an Elephant", which Sir Edward Grey liked so much.

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