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    Default Anyone else think TASM video game should’ve been the basis for TASM2?

    In case you guys don’t remember TASM had a tie in video game made by Beenox that acted as a sequel to TASM. Basically shortly after the events of the movie Gwen and Peter discover more Oscorp cross species monsters like the Rhino, Vermin and Scorpion. The monster then escape and infect the scientists, including Gwen and Peter has to hunt down the monsters while tryin to make a cure with Dr Connors. The game itself was pretty average but fun but the story itself was really unique and I liked how Spider-Man’s classic villains were now more than guys in fancy suits. Think definitely looked a lot better than Paul Giamatti driving a Bayformer looking Rhino tank. Honestly if Sony used the game as the basis for TASM2 I think it would’ve been a lot better. It keeps the sci-fi and semi horror elements from TASM while expanding on the cross species experiments. Obviously the story would still need to be tweeked to fit a movie but the groundwork definitely is there.

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    Yes, if only because to keep continuity. To be fair, if the person doesn't play video games, then they'd be lost when the movie comes out and that's never fun.

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    The game's story sounds a lot better then what we got onscreen.
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    Speaking of the ASM video games, I did like the game-original elements for ASM2, mostly because it had Peter trying to hunt down his Uncle Ben's killer, only to end up beaten to the punch by someone who killed the guy before Peter could apprehend him, leaving Peter struggling with his feelings about what he himself could or would have done if he had gotten to Uncle Ben's killer first. I thought that would have been something interesting from a character-driven point of view, and it would have been a lot better than just completely forgetting about Uncle Ben in the actual ASM2 film, not to mention that it had a unique take on Kraven the Hunter, presenting him at first as "a mysterious ally" to Spider-Man, only to later reveal his true motives for aiding Spider-Man were a lot more sinister. Of course, since the MCU/Sony films worked that angle with their version of Mysterio . . .
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    I thought the game actually did a good job of expanding on the first ASM movie and building up the "mythos" of that universe with the Cross-Species explaining away all of Spider-Man's animal-themed villains as well as the shady stuff going on at OsCorp. On-top of all the side-stuff lore that referenced characters like Morbius, Sandman, etc.

    Plus, Whitney Chang was kind of cool .

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