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    Quote Originally Posted by wessner View Post
    The Ravencroft series was a disappointment. The story is a mess. Only about half of the plot elements get resolutions by the end of the final issue. There are some fun cameos by different characters and call outs to Marvel history, but they're not used for anything. Many key moments in the final issue happen off panel and are only referred to in dialog.

    It doesn't help that the solicitation texts and the covers bear no resemblance to what happens in the comics themselves. It's as if the editor and the writer had complete different ideas of what the story was going to be.
    Clearly you didn't read the same comic I did, we learnt a lot in the last issue and most of the plots were resolved. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

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    The comic felt like it was trying to juggle way too many balls and once and while we did get resolutions to everything, a lot of it felt like it was rushed towards the end.

    While the idea of Punisher being the scariest guy in the asylum is a nice one, he was written like a chump and drawn with an ape like face.

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    sweet awesome i can get the last 2 issues

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