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    Default Oblitus Magia - A Fantasy-Dystopia RPG(Sign up and Info Thread)

    "The past was erased,
    the erasure was forgotten
    the lie became the truth."

    Welcome to Urban Center A-11, One of...if not the oldest, of the great sheltered cities of Earth. You have been chosen as part of a relocation initiative following the tragic loss of Center A-9 to the ruin.....what, is your memory fuzzy? Pay it no mind, travel outside can fog the mind, and you have been through such...hardship. Set aside your fears and relax. Here, we are safe...we are protected. All the arrangements have been signed and sealed. A transport awaits to take you to your new home....before we go however, it is my function to help you acclimate to your new surroundings so you may...adjust to life here. Sit quiet, pay attention.......


    Welcome to Oblitus Magia, my humble attempt at a forum RPG. Inspired by a combination of Lovecraft, Dystopian Literature and that time I binged Madoka Magica until 3 am while eating spicy tacos and the nightmares it produced.

    The story takes place....well, that's not for you to know. You are but a humble citizen, lawful or otherwise, of one of many Urban Centers were the remnants of humanity linger in blissful ignorance under the Authority of the Administratum Magi, the single remaining power that holds the Ruin, malicious otherworldly forces not of this world, from sweeping humanity off the face of the world.

    Protecting you from a threat you've never seen, the Administratum Magi oversees order by means of a alien power known as Magic....gifted to them by their benefactors, the otherworldly Nephilim. Their puppet soldiers, the witches, patrol the streets for your protection....from threats outside and in. The Cities are all you know...and perhaps all you will ever know. There is no world outside the walls, not one in which humans are welcome.

    But bow your head, never question the order of things.....and you can live a relatively normal, peaceful life.

    In theory....

    But your not fated for that sort of thing.

    I'll put up a character sheet in the next post, followed by some basic information on the setting to assist in creating a PC for it and how the stats work for this rpg.
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    Character Sheet




    Appearance: (You can use an image or describe it)

    Class: (Optional Flavor information - Whatever class best fits the combination of your characters skills)


    Mundus lvl: 0

    Body lvl:
    Soul lvl:
    Mind lvl:



    Special: (Any Special information)

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    If you can feel that staying human is worthwhile,
    even when it can't have any result whatever,
    you've beaten them.

    Stats and You
    Every PC has three core stats that measure their strengths and, by extension, skills in the world. They are Body, Mind and Soul.

    Represents Physical Abilities and The Manipulation of Life Force. Stat Score determines overall physical ability. (Strength, speed, endurance). Mundus Points in Body/Ki grant access to ki manipulation...further strengthening physical stats and granting advanced combat skills using life force.

    Represents mental strength and technical prowess. Intelligence, Psychic abilities and compatibility with technology and "machina". Mundus points grant access to machina, tinkering skills and mental abilities.

    Represents spirtual and Magical potential. Stat determines spirital strength/defense and aptitude in use of magical powers. Mundus points grant access to magic schools and increase magical power.

    At the beginning of the game you are given 75 points in which to split between the 3 stats. Every 10 points placed in a stat allows access to create a technique or skill linked to that stat that will increase in power as you put more points into that stat. However, initially all three stats at capped at 50 points max. To increase this'll need to increase your Mundus Level.

    Mundus and You

    In Oblitus Magia, Mundus is the combined energies of an individual, their being, their essence. Every being, physical and magical...possessed a Mundus Level that represents the limit of their power.

    Mundus is the single most important stat in the game, as it denotes your characters overall potential versus the horrors that lay in store.

    Humans start out at 0, zero, nothing. Against what awaits you are not even worthy of attention....and yet, should you earn the fortune of increasing your mundus...

    Every time you level your Mundus(Done in very specific story points), you're given the option to increase the cap on one of your stats by 50...which in turn allows more points, which means more skills and stronger skills of that stat type.

    As a Rule of Thumb, the enemies you face will have a mundus level...revealed or otherwise, and the more the difference between theirs and yours....the greater the gap to overcome in eithers favor. Best be wary....and take caution over valor.

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    Important Lore Bits(Updated as needed)

    The Supreme Beings that guide the Administratum, and by extension, the civilized world. No one knows from where they came, but at the height of the ruins infestation of the world they came and shepherded the remnants of humanity. They wear the guise of humans but are anything but....and though they seem to hold the interest of preserving humanity, there is something sinister and eldrich under their benevolent facade. Likened to gods walking the world, they command respect and bring order and peace.....but at what cost?

    Administratum Magi
    The Administration that acts as the hand of the Nephilim in all matter beneath their attention, such as the monitoring and pacification of the masses. They employ of wide variety of methods, not all of which are by any means humane, to keep the will of their benefactors.....for the good of humanity of course. Magic is their key tool....a force gifted to them by the nephilim, or so the propaganda claims.

    Magical Solders Engineered by means know only to the upper ranks of the administration. Subjects are screened for special factors at an early age and then "appropriated" by the powers that be. Witches play every role from Shock Trooper to Negotiator within the Administratum....often with brutal efficiency. Normal Humans can't even hope to match a single Witch in combat, and they are often the first response to any threat...however minor.

    A term whose meaning was lost to history, but in the context of the new world refers specifically to "intelligent non-human races". With the coming of the ruin, and the Nephilim, there have always been the odd sightings of strange magical...things....appearing here and there. Size, shape, and mood vary greatly.....but they all share a common aura of magical energy and, with a few exception, violent temperaments.

    The Ruin
    A dark and terrible "force" that exists beyond the protection of the cities. Brought ruin to humanity for over a hundred years before the Nephilim came. Not much is known....just that the Administratum fights an eternal battle just beyond the walls to keep its people safe from it.

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    Name: Fan Xia
    Race: Human
    Age: 35

    Class: Fighter
    • Dao
    • Old diary
    • Old-timey monocular

    Mundus: 1
    Body: 50
    Soul: 30
    Mind: 5

    • Body:
      • The Scorpion's Sting - One of the many things Xia was taught during her training with martial arts master Chan Li was how to infuse her internal chi into her strikes for not only greater power, but a wider variety of effects than simple blunt force trauma. One such instance is the The Scorpion's Sting, which is a rapid fire flurry of kicks. Each of these kicks strikes a pressure point and infuses a small bit of chi into the nerve bundles to induce temporary paralysis. The paralysis lasts for 1 second per 10 Body points. This ability is mitigated by the target's Body score. If it's 2x Xia's, the paralysis effect is negated, leaving only physical damage. Reference GIF.
      • Two Inch Punch - The One Inch Punch was the legendary highly condense strike by the famous martial artist that everyone thought was exaggerated! Xia caught wind of this legend and tried it out for herself. After careful consideration, she found that these naysayers were absolutely right. It was a load of bullshit. The Two Inch Punch, on the other hand...
      • Cloud Floats Over The Stream – Xia's training with Chan Li included manipulating her body's internal chi to perform feats most people would consider impossible. For instance, Cloud Floats Over The Stream allows her to lower her body mass to such a degree that she can balance perfectly on the fragile petals of a flower.
      • Feather Caught in the Breeze - The spiritual power of chi unlocks endless possibilities for a martial practitioner. One of the more simplistic but mesmerizing abilities is that of flight. Xia discovered that she could fly completely by accident during her training with Chan LI. She decided that walking on the ground was boring, so she decided to walk on air instead. She can fly, or air-walk, for a limited number of posts per day. Current limit is four posts.
      • The Bear Mauls the Lamb - Contained within a journal given to her by Chan Li are a series of techniques with detailed instructions. The first such technique is The Bear Mauls the Lamb. Xia turned her body into a serrated edge of sorts, with each strike she lands tearing into the target's flesh for added damage. The effect of this technique is mitigated by a Body score. The tech cuts cleanly up to 50 Body, then tapers in effectiveness until 75 Body, at which point, its ignored. Visual reference
    • Soul:
      • Calm Mind, Centered Being - Meditation is key to a calm mind. A calm mind is key to to harmony between body and soul. By meditating for one post, Xia can add one-third of her soul stat to any body skill for one post. The altered Body stat cannot exceed the maximum limit. Once this tech has been used, it requires a five post cooldown before being used again.
      • Lion Ambushes the Wildebeest - Chi flows within the entire body, true; but it can also flow without the body. During her training, Xia learned how to use her chi to manipulate her own fighting spirit to manifest itself as a physical entity to attack a target of her choosing. The spirit can only attack once every time it's summoned and can only be summoned once per 10 Soul points. The strength of its attacks are equal to her Soul stat.
      • Viper Poisons the Blood - In addition to training and learning under Chan Li, Xia also learned under Ucho of Expand Daong. He taught her his famed spirit fusion technique, which allows the user to infuse their own fighting spirit within weapons to empower and strengthen them in various ways. With Viper Poisons the Blood, Xia infuses her spirit into her sword to empower it. With each strike, not only does she do damage to the physical body, but the blade's spiritual aspect also bypasses the body's natural defenses and attacks the target's soul directly, dealing [Soul stat] damage.

    History/Backstory: Born in Center A-4, Fan Xia has been alone for most of her life. From what she could remember, she grew up on the streets. She obviously had parents, but never had any idea whether they were alive or dead. She wondered from place to place, stealing what she needed and taking any dry spot she could find to try and get a night's sleep.

    When she was 12, she ran across a man who offered to take her in. Normally, she would have been distrustful of a stranger's kindness and declined, but something about him made her feel that she wasn't in danger around him. His name was Chan Li, an... eccentric martial artist who not only provided her with house and home, but also took her under his wing and trained her in martial arts.

    His choices in clothing were odd, to say the least, but his training methods were even stranger. Every morning, she would spend hours balanced on the backs of two chairs while Li whacked her with a stiff bamboo stick. The afternoons were spent punching a tree over and over, with only an inch or two leeway, until her knuckles bled. Interspersed therewith, he would randomly attack her with a wrench. There was actually sparring involved, but these three exercises were the crux of her training for years.

    Yet, despite the lunacy, she found that his lessons actually worked.

    Xia departed from Li's tutelage when she was 25 to explore as much of the world as she could. She moved from place to place, sparring and training with other fighters she encountered and picking their brains for new techniques to add to her arsenal. Shortly after leaving Li, she encountered a man named Uhco, the only living master of the Expand Daong discipline. He gave her a custom made Dao and trained her in how to wield it properly.

    After leaving her friend's tutelage, Xia continued to move from place to place, being trained and training others, meeting new people and making friends. She quickly explored as much of A-4 as she could. At that point, she was faced with a crossroads: either turn back and live the remainder of her life with the same people she had spent the last 25 years with, or venture to other centers. She wanted to do the latter, but that was not only illegal, but very difficult to do if one wasn't a member of the Authority. She wasn't, so at first glance, it looked like she was stuck. She was in luck, though. There were certain... individuals that operated outside the law that could help. For a price, they were able to get her into whatever center she wanted.

    She accepted with only a little hesitation, and soon found herself in A-6, a foreign center with new people to meet, new fighting styles to experience, and new asses to kick. While she got what she wanted, there were certain consequences that resulted from her actions. The Authority had caught wind of what she had done and were coming after her. So, while she was in a new place with new people, she couldn't settle for long without risking getting caught. She had to keep moving.

    Life on the run was no fun, but it did have it's share of interesting moments, she supposed.

    • Xia is considered a martial arts master, and proficient with her Dao.
    • Her Dao was given to her by Uhco, a dear friend, ten years ago. He also trained her in its usage.
    • She was trained in martial arts for thirteen years by Chan Li.
    • Her VA is, naturally, Ming Na Wen

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    I am so fucking in!

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    Kinu Ohrai
    (生頼 絹 Ohrai Kinu, surname Ohrai, "Earnest Life"; Given name Kinu, "Silk")

    Race: Human

    Age: 32

    Height: 170 cm / 5'7"
    Weight: ???
    Blood Type: AB+


    Class: Vagabond/ Barbarian


    1) Kabuki Mask - The blank smiling visage of a false persona removed before every engagement! You may be ready to face your perceptions of that unchanging, porcelain facade, but the reality is nobody is ready for Kinu! Fierce!
    2) Coat of Arms - A quilted haori-style coat. Various mediums, from mismatched textiles to pieces of untreated animal hide are stitched together to an expertly tailored - if exceptionally garish - train that drags behind her. Heavy!
    3) Microphone - Broken!


    Mundus: 1 *

    Body: 45 (+5) = 50 /100*
    Soul: 25 /50
    Mind: 5 (+5) = 10 /50


    Tech List


    1) Shootfighting: In a maze of fighting styles, hers is the way of GRAPPLERS! Kinu possesses a boisterous style of striking and a tenacious capability in the art of catch wrestling!

    • 180 - Momentum Shift: Once Kinu makes physical contact with an opponent, she can gain a preternatural read on an opponent's intention by manipulating their kinetic chain. By feeling the shifts in their movements, she can apply this information to seize openings to grapple and break positioning.

    2) Escapology: You can't grab what isn't there, when your opponent can worm out of your snare! Surprisingly flexible considering her build and - usual - profession, Kinu has a preternatural ability to escape compromised, cloistered conundrums! Binds, chokes, no holds barred, she thinks even ropes and chains and locks are mere canards! If Kinu is in a scenario where she is completely physically restrained, given at least 3 posts she can likely find a way out!

    3) Suplex City: An opponent's weakest spot is to be in a position they cannot defend themselves! Exploiting this, Kinu receives an increased chance of landing if she can attack an opponent from behind, and a critical damage buff to if the attack lands!

    4) Hard Sell, Hard Return - The momentum of a match is the most important thing to the spectator, because the harder you fall, the higher you can rise! Kinu can absorb impacts up to a peak capacity of 175% of her maximum durability to return in a grapple or blow of her own! If she goes over this threshold or loses consciousness, the energy is lost.

    5) Pinfall - In dangerous games of chance and skill, the successful execution of a maneuver can deal extraordinary damage beyond the mere physical level! If Kinu can apply a lock or otherwise restrain an opponent for a 3-count (IC 1 post following activation) it causes a spike of psychological damage (Mind Stat - Kinu's Phys) to the effect of stunning or confusing the enemy, reducing the efficacy of their next action turn. This does not necessitate the defeat or vanquishing of an enemy, only their momentary humiliation, accepting the harrowing possibility of losing in either a physical contest...or otherwise.


    1) Issen (一閃 "Fatal Flash") - A charismatic performer is only as good as she is able to work a crowd. By tapping into Issen, colloquially known as the Hype Generator, if you believe in Kinu, she can make impossible feats happen and turn the tide (1 use per engagement)

    2) Squared Circle - The ring isn't merely a thing made of ropes and canvas, but is a construct within the hearts and minds of the true Wrestler! Because she regards everything around her as a potential avenue for a performance, so is Kinu able to incorporate most anything and probably everything into her act - even if it's not meant to be used that way! If she thinks something can be used as a prop - rope, canvas, or turnbuckle - by some strange quirk of will, it will gain properties to behave in that fashion. (Ie: if she thinks that steel railing will work about as well as a rubber rope, using Squared Circle will make her opponent bounce off of it).


    1) Mic Work - When Kinu cuts a promo, she draws explicit attention to herself in a wide AoE. This has the effect of raising her profile both audibly...and metaphysically. When Mic Work is activated, it amplifies the expression of her spiritual pressure, making Kinu's presence a prominent beacon in the detection field of any sensor-type abilities in a particular manner that is extraordinarily difficult to ignore, granting her a large bluffing profile (dump all stats into this beacon). This also has the effect of drawing an enemy's attention from others. (+++ target % for Kinu so long as Mic Work is in use) [LOCKED - Currently requires audio amps to use].


    "Truly, how much of yourself was built of your own volition? Do you know any more than this heap of broken images? Let them go and cast them aside! Until you have at last taken something for yourself, I'll be watching. The world is yours, if you will for yourself to take it."
    Purpose. Identity. Personhood, These are not disposable gimmicks, they are the foundations of destiny itself. Yet the path of one's fate, it seems, is quite fickle. Though you lose yourself in wandering upon a long road, the course has already been determined by the whim of another. Why else would it be a road?

    Kinu Ohrai was somebody else then, before she made her turn. She did it in the old-fashioned manner, refining her craft the right way, behaving in the right manner, and captivated the eyes of the world by giving them just what they wanted, and still they stripped her of everything. She had her shot, but in their eyes, her time had passed before it had begun.

    There are no accolades for those who are driven by hollow ambition. Yesterday's victor was determined to be tomorrow's victim, grace and glory fleeting to disdain and vitriol. All of the victories yielded to her were merely pieces granted to her from somebody else; how easily could they be replaced! Every part of this old life a waiting fault-line of weakness, waiting to be shattered into a fragments again and again.

    Everything but her own name.

    The memories are fuzzy, but through great trepidation she'd somehow made her way from the rural fringe of civilization towards the badlands beyond. Only madmen and beasts beyond the wards lived in the Ruin, and it was here that she sought to challenge the world itself. Yet even as she found innumerable conquests there on the blasted heath, by lift and lock and submission pin, there were no prizes to be won here, no just reward, no greater good. Upon the plateau with only the sky for company, there was no peak to be found.

    In pursuit of true strength she made her way back from the Ruin. By raising the wards of civilization's barrier against the outside, she saw it as an invitation, A challenge to cross back over and take back the known world, and - somehow - she'd passed back through.

    What else follows behind her, this Wanderer of the Wastelands? Weighing upon her shoulders, one memento upon another affixed in her piebald vestments, Kinu Ohrai carries the wishes and intentions of the vanquished forward, these memories rungs on the ladder of victory lifting her to challenge new heights.

    The cry of the multitudes around her, the looks on their faces, these were not meaningless.

    Are you watching closely? Because you are not ready for what she has in store.


    - Kinu considers herself something of an autodidactic polymath. Really, she is easily distracted by all sorts of curiosities, be they games of skill, novelties to tinker with, or strange delicacies to nosh on. She will feel compelled to try her hand at all of these material pleasures, often to the points of a minor obsession to attempt recreating them to the best of her ability.
    - Be that as that may, her time outside the Wards has distanced her from the weight of wealth in proportion to fame. Compulsive spending on these frivolous hobbies as well as an enormous appetite has always left her strapped for cash. Nonetheless, she always gets what she wants...once she can pay - or even better, haggle - for it!
    - Is certain that an abstract...somebody is watching her at all times. Rather than make her feel self-conscious about her day to day, knowing that this mysterious force has given her its attention fills her the urge to rebel as boisterously and loudly as possible.


    Character Theme: Rokumon
    Stagecraft (Hmm, how can I use this?): Eizouken Montage Theme 2
    Face Slap (You have made a mistake): Never Leave Alive V5
    Issen Activation (Now I've got your attention!) : Break Out Of...
    ???: Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku


    - Kinu is an expy of Japanese pro wrestler Kanako Urai, also known under her WWE moniker Asuka
    - She is named after artists Kinu Nishmura and Ohrai Noriyoshi

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    Sigourney Estelle

    Sig, Siggy



    To be human is to adhere to the trinity of mind, body, and soul. Each is bound to the other and it by understanding and maintaining the balance between these them that humanity's truest potential can be shown
    While the origin of Sigourney's powers is unknown, they operate as a gestalt, requiring much more power as they draw from two or more sources; however, one could say this is simply a case of quality over quantity as what few she has make up for the lack of numbers.

    New Diary
    "...They gave me a new diary to replace my old one. I used to write everything in it... but I must have lost it..."

    Mundus Level: 1
    * Body Level: 25
    * Soul Level: 30
    * Mind Level: 30

    Tekeli-li, The Lucifer's Hammer
    [Power Source: Mind(10)/Soul(10)]

    The conduit of Sigourney's power, this mysterious object came from the heavens when beckoned, pulverizing those who would do her harm.
    Thicker than two fully grown men and standing at seven and a half feet, it sports three large claws at the bottom and their purpose, much like its entirety, is unknown as it seldom lingers beyond its use.

    Kadath, The Astral Tears
    [Power Source: Mind(10)/Soul(10)]
    Imprinted within her upon initially touching Tekeli-li, this iridescent liquid metal resides beneath her skin. Under her control, this liquid takes the form of nine semi-solid spheres that each possess the power of a high-caliber bullet; however, it also acts on its own accord, especially when it comes to Sigourney's protection. By coating her exterior, it can act as a shield at the cost of mobility.

    Vult, The Phantasmal Guise
    [Power Source: Mind(10)/Body(10)/Soul(10)]
    What lurks beneath the surface of the enigmatic weapon, Tekeli-li? [To be revealed in-game]

    Leng, The Cool Air
    [Power Source: Body(10)/???]
    [Note: Requires more power to be fully revealed]

    Sigourney's head often resides in the clouds, spending much of her time staring off in the distance, giggling and talking to herself, or simply writing in her diary. While not introverted enough to avoid others, prolonged social contact tends to exhaust and stress her out, which has resulted in the development of her favorite past time: people watching. Still, that is not to say she is always alone, though it might be the detriment of those deemed her friends as her personality shifts from polite and respectful to snarky retorts and light teasing.

    Hello, my name is Sigourney Estelle.

    A lot has happened, but if you're reading this, you probably won't know anything considering this is the first entry. It feels silly writing a recap of my entire life up until this point, especially since it's doubtful anyone will ever actually read this. There's a certain comfort in it, though, after everything that happened, I'm not sure what the truth is anymore. They say memory loss is to be expected, but they said nothing about the dreams... not that I've told them. I've only been aware of them the last few nights but it's like I've always known about them... if that makes sense.

    Anyway, like I said, my name is Sigourney. I was born, and until recently, raised in Urban Center A-9 (still feels weird knowing that everything is gone). My family was pretty small with just me, Momma, Papa, and Newt (my dog). Papa said that we used to have a much bigger family and that I had a lot of uncles, aunts, and cousins, but they were all taken by the Ruin when I was really young. I would have loved to meet them all, but since I never did, I can't say I've ever felt their absence like my parents, especially Papa. Occasionally, I would catch him staring off into nothing with a sad look on his face. We might not have had much in the way of family (or money for that matter), but we were happy, or at least I hope Momma and Papa were.

    Things changed not too long ago. I don't know how it happened, a lot of the people here at Center A-11 say it's because A-9 was a violent, corrupted place (I don't think it was... was it?). All that I can remember was that it was getting hard to think when Papa got everyone together and we out to the evacuation site. It... gets harder to remember. I think... we were denied? I think there was someone speaking to the crowd, telling us that we had "Brought Ruin" upon ourselves. After that, I just remember feeling scared and then angry... then I heard something call out to me; something far, far away.

    They said I saved a lot of people that day when I summoned it. Its name is Tekeli-li, though I have no idea how I know that. It just told me... somehow. I don't know what I did then, but it was enough for the Administratum to save me and my family. They called me a "Natural" and even gave us a nice place to live here in A-11. I must sound delusional or selfish, but for some reason, I just can't feel really happy about this. Something seems wrong here... maybe that's why I didn't tell them about the dreams.
    *Sigourney is quite inquisitive, eager to learn new things about the world around her. Often this is reflected in her diary, which is quickly jam-packed with notes and random thoughts in between daily recollections.
    *Is self-conscious about how young she looks compared to her age, growing agitated quickly if teased about it.
    *Is catoptrophobic, or has a major dislike of reflections, namely her own.

    Sigourney, Fate Defiant - Lindsey Stirling's "Till the Light Goes Out"
    Sigourney, Star Chosen - Syrufit's "Delay Order"
    Vult, Guardian Unknown - Helblinde's "Elder Hymn"

    *Sigourney's name and the name of her dog, Newt, are both references to the Alien franchise
    *Current character image is based on fanart of Diamond/Dia from Houseki no Kuni
    *Save for Vult, all of Sigourney's current ability names are named after Lovecraftian references
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    Name: 'Saint' Matthias

    Race: Human

    Age: 37


    Height: 6' 1"; Build: Slim yet strong from doing alot of walking and physical activity.

    Class: Scavenger


    Mundus lvl: 0

    Body lvl: 25
    Soul lvl: 30
    Mind lvl: 30


    • Regen: A healing ability, primarily for repairing physical damage, healing minor wounds and other injuries. It won't cure illnesses due to poison, infection, or similar medical conditions, however, it can slow down the rate of spread and buy him extra time to seek medical help.
    • Whistle: He can modulate his voice, using it most often to create a whistling sound that is inaudible to human ears but painful to extremely painful to many animals and other creatures with hypersensitive hearing. He uses this to scare away any of these creatures when he feels threatened. He can create other auditory effects as well, and when his stat points go up enough, the sounds he makes might eventually reach levels that are strong enough to cause actual physical damage.


    • Seek: An innate ability, developed, honed, and sharped over the past 25 years, that makes him such a skilled Scavenger. This ability allows him to sense hot-spots of 'energy': magical, psychic, supernatural, or natural. In addition to aiding him in locating valuable objects, it also helps him in other ways including avoiding danger or even the authorities. Range, accuracy, and fine control may vary over time.
    • Conceal: A defensive ability that suppresses some or all presence of himself, allowing him to hide from others completely. He can, for example, reduce his own 'presence' to match that of the surrounding area in order to blend in; or reduce it completely, often used while hiding in the shadows or behind walls or physical objects. You can think of it like an exceptionally bright light-bulb attached to Dimmer Switch. A dark light-bulb is unseen in a dark room, but very noticeable in a brightly lit room next to other light bulbs. A bright light bulb may stand out, but not so much if it is only as bright as the other bulbs in the room.
      Downside: Turning the levels down doesn't often work on someone who is already aware of him and is looking right at him.
      Upside: Turing the levels up high right in front of someone who isn't prepared for it, can sometimes stun them.
    • Psychedelic: Description


    • Find: Every person, being, or object gives off a 'resonance', usually tied to it's nature and/or it's relationship with others. As long as he has a clear sense of the object/person/whatever he can use this ability to track it down. This sense usually involves being able to picture the object in his mind and improves with interaction with relationship anchors. The range, strength, and accuracy may improve over time.
    • Lift: Basically, telekinesis which is used to grab items that are otherwise out of reach, and/or to lift and carry heavy items. Starting range, about 25 feet. Range and strength tied to Mind Stats.
    • Solve: An uncanny innate talent for decoding and by extension puzzle solving. A useful talent for getting past locked doors, opening ancient boxes, or figuring out how to extract treasure from beneath something without having it come crashing down.


    When he was 12, he fell in with a group that recruited, trained, and illegally sent out young people beyond to walls to search for items that could be sold on the black market. Most of these young Scavengers never reached adulthood, either falling victim to the Ruin, succumbing to the other dangers, or being caught by the authorities. Mathias was one of a small handful that not only survived, but proved to be very good at what he did.

    Never knew his parents, grew up with an older man who said he was the boy's Grandfather yet never talked about family or relatives. The 'old man' worked hard, manual labor jobs, and drank even harder. Yet he was still able to provide the basics of food and so on for his grandson. After Matthias turned 13, about a year after he started scavenging and was able to take care of himself, the 'old man' passed away from a heart attack. To keep him out of the hands of the Authorities, his Handler took him in, technically. In truth, he continued to survive on his own, becoming very self-sufficient at a young age.

    Though he had friends among the other young Scavengers and Slum Children, he also enjoyed the times when he went out beyond the walls alone in search of treasure. When he was still young, an act of generosity earned him the code name of Saint, a word he had not heard of until then.

    Among the illicit world of Scavengers and Black Marketeers, few use their real names. Most take on an alias, which, in Matthias' case, was the name he was given by his Handler. From that point, he was referred to as ‘The Saint’, though he didn’t always live up to that designation.

    Often, when a Scavenger manages to survive to adulthood, they retire from going outside and instead become Handlers. They recruit children with tenuous or no family ties to be trained as Scavengers, then work with them until they are ready to go out on their own. Matthias chose instead to continue being a Scavenger. The danger, the challenge, the joy of finding something unique, the thrill of the hunt was far more rewarding to him than an ordinary life behind the walls.

    You would think his work would have made him wealthy. Early on Matthias realized that obtaining wealth would mean an end to his expeditions. Having wealth draws attention, especially when you can’t explain where the wealth came from. So he made a conscious decision to only keep what he needed, and to give away in secret the rest to help provide food, medicine, and other essentials to Slum Children.

    While he sells off nearly everything he find, he did keep a few items for himself. Some because he found them to be interesting or useful. Others just seemed to resonate for him however he hasn’t yet figured out why, or what purpose they serve.

    This was his life in Urban Center A-11, yet change was coming with the influx of survivors from the lost Urban Center A-9.

    • He has no love for the wealthy. While their greed is what funds his treasure hunts, he is conscious of their indifference to the plight of the poor.
    • On occasion he has come to the aid of young children sent out alone by careless Handlers without proper training. As well as the rare adventurer who had gotten lost.
    • He only goes out occasionally and on a random schedule.
    • He keeps most of his possessions on him, or in the pouches he wears.
    • He has no fixed residence, freeing him to move around to avoid the authorities.
    • To this day he still doesn't know his former Handler's real name. He only knows that, as a child Scavenger she went by the code name Stitch. As an adult Handler, she uses the code name Seamstress. To Matthias and those other children she recruited, they usually call her Aunt or Auntie S.; Matthias was one of the first children she recruited after making the switch from Scavenger to Handler due to an injury at age 22.
    • Matthias rarely talks about himself.

    • When he isn't outside, he has taken jobs as a finder. Finder is a term for someone hired off the record to locate 'lost' people or objects, someone who knows how to keep a secret.
    • Has a very keen sense of direction and is very skilled in using his compasses and other tools. Also, he knows where certain geographical markers are located, left by previous Scavengers and others.
    • He has a pleasant enough singing voice, though he rarely uses it.
    • He usually learns new things very fast, especially if it is something he's interested in.

    Theme Songs
    John Williams - The Scavenger
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Walls
    Clint Mansell - The Last Man
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    Name: Selma St. Johns

    Race: Human

    Age: 28


    Class: Mage


    - Ms. Maisy: A simple cloth doll given to Selma as a baby by her father, Selma has kept it close as reminder of her father. She takes good care of it, patching up any damage done to it and keeps it in pride of place on her bed.

    - "Family" Photo: A group photo of Selma with her ragtag family, much like Ms. Maisy it is an item that Selma keeps close to her.

    - Mother's Necklace: A golden chain with a heart-shaped pendant that belonged to Selma's mother that her mother gave to her shortly before she passed away.

    - Guitar: A well-worn and cared for acoustic guitar given to Selma as thanks by an elderly shopowner whom she'd helped out during a riot when she was younger, it holds great value to Selma and thus is something she takes great care of. She enjoys playing it to relax and to entertain people.

    History/Backstory: Born in one of the forgotten slums of Center A-11 where the dredges of society lived (called a "dumpster fire part of town" by both those outside of it and the ihabitants themselves), Selma learned a basic truth early on in life: it was unfair. She got her first taste of that unfairness at 5 when her father was murdered for the money he had in his pockets. It was like a slap in the face to the young girl when her father left to go to work to provide for his family only to never return home because someone decided they wanted his money. And to make matters worse, it seemed that society didn't even care about the death of a good man, either out of apathy or derision of his low status was unknown.

    With his death, Selma watched her mother become the sole breadwinner of the family. She watched as her mother fought tooth and nail against the apathetic world to provide for her family, which showed Selma that the world didn't care for you and if you wanted to survive, you had to fight. With this knowledge in her mind, Selma went into the uncaring world to do battle.

    But as a small child, she found herself at a severe disadvantage against society and the world as a whole. So she did the only thing she could do at the moment: she ran, knowing she had to escape so that she could survive long enough to grow strong enough to not need to run. Unfortunately she couldn't always escape, and this resulted in beatings that left cuts and bruises on her body, as well as teaching her another lesson: the strong would prey upon the weak.

    However, during one of those beatings, Selma was rescued by someone stronger than her tormentors. They told her something that Selma found to be the most important of lessons: That the strong prey upon the weak, but the strongest protect those weaker than them. So, with the lessons she learned, she began secretly training her body and the little magic she knew to become strong enough to follow that lesson she learned. With each day she grew stronger, faster, and more cunning, working to make herself strong enough to protect those weaker than her.

    But she didn't only train herself, she began gathering a group of friends (or what those looking in from the outside would call underlings) to train with and help her protect the weak from the society that couldn't care if they lived or died. During these training sessions, she found herself learning magical abilities from her older friends whom she knew lived in other Centers before coming her. But whenever asked where they learned the abilities their gaze would become distant and they would mumble something about "doing desperate things in terrible situations" but nothing else, so Selma stopped asking.

    Through her actions for her community, Selma became well-respected by those who followed her or were protected her 'gang', and feared by those who would threaten them. She was particularly fierce in protecting children and families. And when her mother passed away they kept her head above the waters of depression, becoming a second, surrogate family of brothers and sisters. And though life was a hard one, she was content with it.

    Then one day, it all fell apart around her ears as... something happened to Center A-9, and she found herself in Center A-11, where she learned the Ruin had taken her home and left her unsure what happened to her makeshift family, not even knowing if they were safe or even alive.


    - Street Combat: Due to living in the "dumpster fire part of town", Selma learned how to defend herself both magically and physically. Due to not being physically strong, Selma instead took to weapons, particularly blades, clubs, and firearms. She is skilled in the use of several types of blades, though she prefers knives as they're quicker and easier to make with Transfiguration Central with a special interest in the khukri and bowie knife.When it comes to firearms she prefers pistols with the 6-shot revolver being a regular one due to it being easier to load after creating the bullets. And when it comes to clubs, her personal favorite is the simple, quick-to-transfigure baseball bat.

    - Sewing: Sewing is skill Selma intitially picked up out of neccesity instead of interest. She often found herself having to patch up clothes to ensure they were wearable longer than normal, Selma quickly found herself a skilled hand with a sewing needle. It also proved a relaxing hobby, something to do that let her take her mind off her troubles for a while. So she began sewing up homemade dolls to give the kids under her protection as something to play with.

    - Battlefield Medicine: Despite a lack of medical school, Selma is able to patch up injured people through practice. She can treat many type of wounds one can acquire through fighting/accidents, including sewing up/cauterizing wounds, removing bullets, splinting broken limbs, and other trauma. It won't exactly be hospital pretty and will definitely leave scars on your body, but you will live to complain about the scars.

    - Music: Unlike her other talents, Selma started singing out of interest and as a way to release pent-up emotions in a constructive and non-violent way. She later took up the guitar after being gifted one by an old man she'd saved during a riot, and enjoys playing it and singing when she has a chance to relax. Much like her doll-making, she enjoys playing and singing for her friends and others as a way to lift spirits in the world they live in.


    Character Theme: "Mystogan" Fairy Tail OST
    Second Wind Theme: "Battle Against A True Hero" Undertale (Metal Cover by RichaadEB)

    To Mundus/Body, Soul, Mind Levels and Techs
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    - C.S. Lewis

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    Name: Owen Stark Calliburn

    Race: Human

    Age: 42

    Height/Weight: 5’11, 210lbs, in good shape. No six pack but a toned body more built towards running and jumping than body building.


    Class: Detective/Investigator


    -Private Investigator license

    -Revolver (6 shots)

    -Lock picks



    Mundus Level: 0

    -Body: 25
    -Mind: 40
    -Soul: 10



    -Boost: Stark can channel his life energy to heal minor wounds up to a broken limb.

    -Purge: Stark can channel his life energy to purge poisons, infections, and toxins from his system. It’s...not pretty though. Depending on the type and severity, purge can literally push the poison out by any means. Sweat, vomit, etc...


    -Odin’s Eye: Stark’s left eye glows white/blue and while active, he gains a precognitive power like Peter Parker’s spider sense. Can only be active for minutes equal to every 10 of his Mind Score (4 minutes currently) every day (Can be used in chunks instead of all at once if needs be).

    -Keen Eye: Stark’s mind is good at noticing details and clues most would be unable to find. Stark can essentially ‘photograph’ an image in his mind and dissect it for information and minute details.

    -Psychokinesis: Stark can move things with his mind that he can see. Upper weight hasn’t been established yet. 100 lbs for every 10 points maybe?

    -Madness Maze: Stark can diffuse his mental presence, essentially blocking mental attacks by forcing any who seek to mind control, read, or alter his thoughts to go through a mental maze he’s spent years constructing.


    -Identity: Stark knows who he is and what his surroundings are. As an Investigator, he had trained himself to be able to identify and understand other people’s Magic’s.

    Background/History: Owen Stark Calliburn, only child of a retired Witch, was raised to be observant, inquisitive, and aware that not everything was always the way it appeared. When he was 21, his parents passed away and from that point on he was alone, no other family to his name. He graduated with high marks from school, applied to become a private investigator, and at the age of 25 took up the profession he has has since then. His case clearance record is very good, his rates decent, and he doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions or looking in dark places for answers.

    Personality wise, Stark is a kind and polite man with a wicked tongue when needed. He generally prefers to talk his way out of messes or run away, but has learned that sometimes you have to throw a punch or two to get results. He dresses well, and because of that most think him above getting his hands dirty, but that’s just a layer of deception he has used well to his advantage. In fact much of his clothes and main visible habits are to cultivate an air of non-danger and to deceive people into underestimating him.

    Special: Stark is a competent pugilist, lock pick, driver, and sleight of hand artist, having learned most from his father.

    Voiced by Matthew Mercer.
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    Expressing interest but full expecting to lose interest and drop out, such is my wont.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Jagrati Bhatt

    Race: Human, though others sometimes doubt it.

    Age: Rude question, but definitely on the far side of 60

    Appearance: Generally short and skinny, Jagrati is a woman who was once in very good shape who has gone to seed through time and life lived. Her hair, once pure black but now mostly silver, is long and kept tied up in a neat plait. She wears old clothes but always bright colours, commonly centred on a saree but in a quite outdated style. She wears a lot of jewelry, mostly gold (or at least gold looking), a lot of bangles and rings and she has nose ring through her right nostril. Her hands are often covered elaborate henna tattoos.

    Class: Shaman/Druid

    - One hiking stick, about six feet long, made of very solid wood. Jagrati has carved various patterns into it over the years. She doesn't strictly need a walking stick to get around but has found having a big stick to hand sometimes useful in her old age.

    Stats and Skills Post

    The Bhatt family was pretty dirt poor and they had a lot of kids. Jagrati was the youngest of five. This position, combined with a pretty canny disposition, allowed her to see her brothers and sisters assessment by the Administratum for any latent potential and one of her brothers being taken away. Jagrati spent a significant period of her life playing dumb and not acknowledging whatever ticklings of the occult she felt. Her ability to perceive magical energies and spirits was mostly used to keep herself away from it at all costs.

    Once she was old enough she left her family behind and went out into the ruins of the world and tried to carve out as much of a fun existence as she could muster. She danced, made jewelry and worked in restaurants while hanging around in the most bohemian sectors of the cities she lived in she could find, making connections with whoever she found interesting.

    Whenever relocation came up and the community was displaced to somewhere new, Jagrati took the view that any job was a job she could do. A great believer in faking it until she made it, fortunately she was a quick study, racking up a wide and varied career and becoming quite adept at landing on her feet when everything was thrown into disarray.

    In between the churn of relocations and general danger, she studied just about everything she could lay her hands on; philosophy, old world theology, sociology and political science were her passions along with fine art and, of course, dance. While building her conventional knowledge, she also connected with the secretive cabals of those who had escaped the hands of the witches, who longed to try and make magic something that could be used by the common people. There she carefully dabbled in the ways of the shamans of times long forgotten and connected more deeply with the spiritual world and her own powers and even once stood beyond the walls of the city, looking out into the wilderness.

    Over the years and in many different scenarios, she used her then decent looks and much more compelling personality to sleep around and curry favour with men who were wealthier but usually less intelligent than her. In the end she ended up with six children in different spots all over the place and would spend a lot of her latter years trying to raise them all evenly while refusing to give up her independence. She never considered marriage, not even with the men she actually loved.

    This distance meant it was less hard for her to watch a few of them get taken away. She had figured it would happen and had made her peace with it. One of her partners had taken it less well when their daughter had been selected. He had died for his outbursts and Jagrati had shaken her head when she heard. She had done her best to protect the children without revealing her own abilities but sometimes it wasn't enough.

    In her old age, she lives an odd life. Travelling as much as she can, visiting grandchildren, old friends and old lovers, always still looking for something new and exciting to do. This new city is but another place for her to find something to fill whatever time she has left.

    At this point though, she's beginning to get the idea in her head that if she was to do something to put a thumb in the eye of the Administratum, maybe it would be best before she lost all of her edge. There's precious little more dangerous than a treacherous old woman with an axe to grind.

    Special: (Any Special information)
    Jagrati has lead a long and colourful life. She loves widely but not deeply, she's a mother, grandmother and even, just recently, a great-grandmother but not very maternal by nature. She doesn't form bonds very deeply or strongly, keeping herself just slightly distant and therefore safe. She is as well travelled as one can be in the post apocalypse, having lived in a number of cities over the years and lived in almost all levels therein, from the depths of the slums to high society.

    She has many friends but none of them close. One would almost think she's keeping people out for some reason.

    Her children describe her, generally, as tough but fair but distant. Jagrati feels she was the best mother she could be while also being herself. This makes her relationship with her kids a bit strained at times but the introduction of grandchildren has served to bridge the gap.

    She always has her eyes on the next adventure, even in her old age. Fundamentally, she is interested in doing the interesting things in life, not always the right ones.

    Theme Song
    Flood by ME REX
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    Name: Lucifer Radiare

    Race: Human

    Age: 29

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Brown

    Height: 174 cm (5'8")

    Weight: 72.5 kg (160 lbs)


    Can you really call it an extended leave of absence if the reason you're not working is because your workplace of ten years and home of nearly thirty are gone?

    Probably not, and even if he could, he's been absolutely and explicitly forbidden from entering the facilities of the A-11 branch of Illuminare's LuxWeave division (save to deliver the prototypes and personal backup data of the A-9 branches last two projects) until he's had at least a month of time off.


    Time to explore a new city, I guess.

    Class: Lightbringer

    Occupation: Chief Prototyper of Illuminare's LuxWeave division (A-9 branch).

    • Bandolier containing several high-end portable storage units
    • Prototype materials for Project Glamour and Project Shift.

    Mundus Rank - 0
    • Body: 05
    • Mind: 30
      • Encode Memory - "I can make a copy of my (and possibly another's) memories and convert them into a memory crystal, which can be read and processed by a machine (as though it were a quantum memory chip) or directly absorbed and experienced by any living creature possessed of a compatible mind."
      • Telekinetic Flight - "I've been told that I may have a talent for moving things with my mind; thus far, it seems that 'things' refers only to myself and what I'm carrying. Which, given how rough actually moving at a decent pace can be, is probably a hidden blessing."
      • Living Transceiver - "Seeing the light is truly a beautiful thing. Literally understanding the light, not so much. Don't get me wrong: being able to cipher and decipher electromagnetic waves to the extent that you can receive and transmit all sorts of information through them is great. It's just that, similar to Radiant Sight and Radiant Devourer, I can't exactly turn it off- and just as there's things one simply aren't meant to see, there are many things that no one was ever meant to comprehend."
    • Soul: 50
      • Evanesce - "In an instant, I can make it so that light travels through me and my personal effects unimpeded rendering both me and said effects invisible. No form of natural light can defeat this invisibility; whether some as-of-yet unknown form of supernatural light is a matter I'd be curious to discover- in a safe, peaceful environment."
      • Lightweaving - "To make anything elaborate or complex with it takes a bit, but I can take ambient light and solidify it, forming it into fibrous strands that I can simply will into a shape of my choosing- or alternatively, let another manipulate into a shape of their choosing. Either way, the clothes and other textile material made from this fabric are literally light-weight, yet highly durable and resilient."
      • Radiant Devourer - "I can consume- or rather, absorb- light and other forms of radiant energy* and store it within me. This stored energy can then be used to restore lost stamina or power my other abilities. It's a shame that light makes for such a light meal though, or else I may very well be able to live off the stuff."
      • Radiant Genesis - "If I can touch it, I can make light emanate from it- of type and intensity as I will. This bestowed light lasts as long as I remain in contact with the bestowed, or up to a day beyond my reach- after which it fades."
      • Radiant Sight - "As I bear and can cause others to bear, so too can I bear witness; my eyes can perceive- and my mind process and interpret- all carriers and forms of radiant energy*."

    *Energy from electromagnetic and gravitational radiation

    • Almost unnaturally compelled- at times due to pride in the work itself, at others due to fear of being found wanting- to see any job or task he starts or is brought in on through to its very end- and sometimes beyond. "I often had to be ordered to take breaks in my few years at Illuminare as otherwise I'd literally stay on a job until it was done or it reached an absolute stopping point. The first month or so in the then newly formed LuxWeave division was definitely the worst of it, though. After a little over a month of working every possible shift I could make it to, getting an absolute maximum of two hours of sleep a day (when I got any at all) and racking up so much overtime that I thought my check stub from the end of that month was smoking, the CEO personally dragged me out the building and put under house arrest."
    • Frustratingly forthright on some occasions and exasperatingly evasive on others.
    • Operates on a polyphasic sleep cycle, to waste as little time sleeping as possible.
    • Tends not to think too well when lacking sleep.


    Extra Special:
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    Name: Levin Armitage

    Age: 33

    Race: Human


    Class: Wizard? Occultist? Philosopher?

    Mundus: 0

    Body: 30
    Soul: 45



    Breath of the World: Deep breath and focus training, as a result can trigger adrenaline on the spot for an edge for scene time

    Walking The Spine’s Staircase: With this trick in place he can subconsciously monitor/bio feed back his body so he knows how damaged he is

    Combat Reflex: Using body reading self and applying it to outer body results in extremely faster passive reflexes and combat speed. Now going further than ever and can stack with “breath.”


    Pyrotechnics Gloves: Fuel filled gloves that can cast fire attackers, have to be careful as I am not controlling the flame yet, just wielding it like a gun. Also beds maintenance and such, which Levin knows what to do. Got the flame throwing arms piece from grandpas junk collection, fixed it and is his own now.


    Flesh Warding: He has stepped into his grandmothers occult notes, scarred his stomach with a rune deep focus and correct words. Further damage reduction but only good for certain number of attacks then it stops working. Then it needs recharging.

    Mana Ball: Able to tap into the natural focus of the environment and draw it like a vampire, from there a condensed mana sphere for hurling to hit one target. It’s a Mage version of a hadoken that burns as if hit by micro waves. It also burns the hand used for casting, not as much as target, but it’s unpleasant

    Insight: Can open the minds third eye to see if things are off, including lies. The true draw back to this sleep is it can led to madness if seeing too much “truth.” ( Given setting yeah that’s a valid weakness.)

    Mending: Can perform white Mage/healer role. Has to be touching the subject and think the words. Can apply to self as well, it heals, slowly and it hurts

    ( trying not to be over kill. After all curious to magic schools.)

    Notes: A self described philosopher. Fathers side of family invested in gear collecting and repairs. Mother side a bunch of whack jobs who happened to study unhealthy things with a interesting child hood and knowledge with his own work out routine, has led to this.

    Yeah willing to revwork him if it does not fly. My original idea was Soul 50 and each soul are a elemental spell but went against it. Plus Lovecraft means magic is bad for you. Why I added in negative effects to soul spells.


    Personality: Brought up to be civil growing up, holds himself to it, speaks little. When he does it is with meaning. Never lies because he sees no point to. Also attempts to be friendly to all but the wrong party. Either an offending person or abnomiation.

    In that case they get his fury. He does not go Hulk berserk,shonuen speech rant mode or anything, it is a stone cold calm tranquil fury that does not end until it’s dealt with.

    Voice actor: Steve Blum.
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