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    Default How much do the Robin and Nightwing NML issues add to the NML story?

    I own the Bat titles, are the other very important, any good?

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    The Robin ones are the same fun stuff Dixon usually produced there, with some fun issues, including his first team up with Cassandra Cain.

    The Nightwing books include the Blackgate arc, where he’s sent to end the temporary truce Batman had with Lock-Up and ends up successfully overthrowing Lock-Up and his lieutenants, and in the aftermath he and Babs end up acknowledging their attraction just as Petit and Huntress (at the time Nightwing’s sort-of-ex) show up. It’s pretty awesome.
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    The Robin issues are pretty irrelevant to the main story, unless you're really curious how Robin and Nightwing made it into Gotham.

    The Nightwing arc with Lock-Up and Blackgate has at least a tangential connect to the main story, in that Batman using Blackgate was a plot point. It's not a big deal but it does have some relevance. Agreed the NW issues are pretty great - the Robin ones are more uneven.
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