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    Default Michael Bolton's book on Trump !

    Its clear that Donald and the Administration are worried right now. One of the big insiders that the President had inside the White House is writing a tell all book. In fact this book could blow the lid off a lot of the Trump controversies. The time he tried to get dirt on Joe Biden with the Ukraine deal , his dealings with Russia and finally him being MAD with power.

    All this coming from Michael Bolton....

    What does Michael Bolton know ? How much did Trump tell him during songs like "A Man Loves a Woman" and other 90's classics ? Is Kenny G involved in this big conspiracy ?

    Remember Michael Bolton has been involved with politics before. He was around Wally Sparks back in late 1990's at a Governors Ball !

    We have to hope Bolton at least doesn't sing the book to us. I mean there is only so much of this I can handle....

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    This song is actually what caused the falling out between Bolton and Trump: Bolton was in favor of asking women if it is ok to grab their pussies, Trump insisted to just walk up to them and do it.

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    Let us not forget the teaser for his tell all he did for Honest Trailers. The relevant part starts at about 2:20

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    Don't get him started on Jack Sparrow.

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