I'd love to see a crossover event that pits the Pride from Runaways against various good guys/bad guys of the MU. They have come out of hiding after faking their deaths and have some serious plans...

Who could they fight? Who could they recruit?

Examples/one shots could include :

Minoru's vs Parker Robbins the Hood and other mystical characters.

Yorke's : Cross-time plot involving Two-gun kid, Invaders, 2099-verse, jacket era Avengers... (others?)

Steins : Slott's Iron man supporting cast?

Hayes : Genosha X-verse? Hiring Deadpool?

Wilder's : vs. street level heroes using Stein weapons - DD, Pun, spidey (others?)

Dean's/Majesdanians : vs./using aliens living on earth (Howard, left over skrulls, Darkhawk, others?

Bonus : WHAT-IF Runaways became the Pride?

YOUR thoughts and ideas on this?