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    Quote Originally Posted by Nite-Wing View Post
    Make it make sense
    You are buying a story either to see a villain you don't like get beat or read more about a hero you like or some form of enjoyment
    You aren't buying something because you have no interest in what's in it.

    Pure apathy and not caring about something is the best way to regard the BWL if the latter is the case. The more I see people talk about the character however I gauge that the former is where people are because that's not apathy
    You don't want a villain you have pure apathy or don't care about. It makes the stories uninteresting and people won't buy them. As a company, you want more sales not less. Apathy and not caring are the same as dislike in this case. Either way the person feeling it doesn't spend money on it. Dislike of him doesn't make him a "good" villain because you've lost sales.

    Based on sales of BWL appearing comics, obviously people like myself are in the minority. But that doesn't mean our opinions are "wrong." Just that we have different opinions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scilover View Post
    Will it be dark enough to have Batman Who Laughs movie? people are going to want to see him pay for his 'crimes' eventually. It would be interesting thou to see Batman who laughs cross paths with Batman from another universe.
    What would the story be? if it's his origin he won't appear until the third act and even though the main story will be interesting to general audience psychologically as The Fall of Batman, once Batman Who Laughs appear it will be just a slaughter fest.

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    Batman who laughs is kinda lame to me because he's essentially Joker's Batman cosplay. If he acted more like an unhinged Bruce Wayne that could be really exciting, but from what I've seen that's not the vibe I get from him.

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