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    Action Comics - Main Superman book with backup features for Super Family characters
    Detective Comics - Same as above
    World's Finest - Super and Bat family team-up book
    Wonder Woman - Solo adventures book
    Heroes Inc - Wonder Woman and X hero team up book
    The Green Lanterns - Similar to Morrison's "season" approach on the current The Green Lantern only each Lantern character switches out each season. Annuals would be dedicated to the alien lanterns
    The Flash - Flash family book, maybe similar to the above Green Lantern book, with a new Flash charater getting a focus each arc or "season".
    Aquaman - Solo adventures book
    The Brave and the Bold - Green Arrow/Black Canary and X hero team up book
    Shazam: Earth's Mightiest Mortals - Shazam family book
    Static Shock - Solo adventures book
    Justice Society - Set on Earth 2 during the 30s and 40s with backup features in the modern day of that world
    Legion of Superheroes - Team book
    Black Lightning - Solo Adventures book
    The Titans - Standard lineup I suppose, maybe move some of YJ characters here
    Nightwing - Solo globe trotting adventures book for Dick Grayson. Not under the Bat-family books
    Birds of Prey - I guess the movie lineup but chuck out Harley Quinn.
    Blue Beetle - Jaime Reyes solo series
    The Blue and the Gold - Booster Gold and Ted Kord Blue Beetle book
    Books of Magic - Anthology series for DC's various magic characters.

    Justice League wouldn't be an ongoing, it would be mini-series published each year that take the place of event books. Lineup would shift around a bit each time (mainly that whoever the Green Lantern or Flash is would change each year; Hal and Barry one year, Jon or Wally the next, etc, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    18. Challengers of the Unknown: (working title) With Booster Gold in the lead; a time travel book featuring characters and eras from across the DCU; Jonah Hex and the JSA and the Legion and everything in between.
    I'd call this Legends of Tomorrow, because it's pretty much the same concept as the TV show.
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    #2-Detective Comics
    #5-Red Hood and the Outlaws
    #9-Action Comics
    #11-Justice League
    #12-Justice League of America
    #13-Wonder Woman
    #15-Green Lantern
    #16-Green Lantern Corps
    #18-Teen Titans
    #19-Justice Society of America
    #20-Legion of Superheroes
    #21-Blue Beetle
    #22-Green Arrow
    #23-Justice League Dark
    #24-Suicide Squad

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    1. Superman
    2. Action Comics
    3. Batman
    4. Detective Comics
    5. Wonder Woman
    6. Sensation Comics
    7. The Flash
    8. Green Lantern
    9. Martian Manhunter
    10. Teen Ttians
    11. Green Arrow
    12. Birds of Prey
    13. Static Shock
    14. Swamp Thing
    15. Plastic Man
    16. Blue Beetle
    17. Suicide Squad
    18. Young Justice
    19. Legion of Superheroes
    20. Doom Patrol
    21. Shazam
    22. Fourth World
    23. Hellblazer
    24. Brave and the Bold

    Justice League would be non-Monthly, being the brand that all events are published under,

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    I see that most of my ideas have been covered, but I'll throw my list together anyway:

    1) Superman - Superman's solo title. All major changes to the character occur here.
    2) Action - 80 page giant featuring Superman Family stories, and short Superman tales.
    3) Batman - Batman's solo title. All major changes to character occur here.
    4) Detective - Similar to Action, but for the Batman Family.
    5) Wonder Woman
    6) Flash
    7) Green Lantern - Double-Sized comic with solo story arcs and "Tales of the Corps"
    8) Adventure Comics - 80 Page Giant with serialized adventures of other JLA members, particularly Aquaman and Hawkman
    9) Justice League
    10) Legion of Super-Heroes
    11) Brave and the Bold - Team Up Stories. 80 Pages
    12) DC Comics Presents - Solo stories of Non-JLA super-heroes. 80 pages.
    13) Titans - Older Titans adventures. Double-sized
    14) Young Justice - Younger super-heroes. Double-sized
    15) House of Mystery - Spooky characters. Anchored by Swamp Thing. 80 Pages
    16) More Fun - Silly Characters. Anchored by Plastic Man. 80 pages
    17) Sensation Comics - Female Characters, initially anchored by Stargirl (maybe). 80 Pages
    18) Strange Adventures - Sci-Fi and General Weirdness, anchored by the Doom Patrol. 80 Pages
    19) Showcase - New talents on random characters. Double-sized.
    20) Suicide Squad - Tales from the edgier part of the DCU, anchored by Suicide Squad. Double-sized
    21) All-Star Comics - Anchored by the JSA, with tales of the Golden Age as a back up. Double-sized.
    22) Whiz Comics - A place for the original Captain Marvel, and other modern day interpretations of older characters. Double-sized.
    23) Elseworlds Comics - Weird interpretations of classic characters. Double-Sized
    24) Tales of the Fourth World - There's a lot there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    I'd call this Legends of Tomorrow, because it's pretty much the same concept as the TV show.
    Yeah, that makes sense. Nice call.
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    I never got a chance to post my grim and gritty arm-fall-off-boy reboot!
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    Week 1
    The Outsiders
    (Solo Titles)
    Wonder Woman
    Black Lightning
    will feature different DC Teams=Global Guardians/Freedom Fighters/New Gods/Doom Patrol/Birds of prey ect.

    week 2
    Power Co.
    Green Lantern
    TheWorlds Finest=year 1
    will feature 5 DC heroes in solo features who don't have own comic each year will focus on 5 different DC heroes

    week 3
    Young Justice
    Black Canary
    The Herald=I feel Mal should have an Ongoing since he was DC'S 1st Black hero.
    Adventure Comic
    is now a comic w Wonder Woman as Lead since she was our first hero and it's a Team up book.

    week 4
    The Titans
    Omega Men
    Martain Manhunter
    Wildforce=books will include heroes and teams such as Gen 13/Anthority/Stormwatch/Wildcats/Fairchild/Burnout/Zealot/Grifter ect

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    Batman Family- A anthology series for Bat characters without a book
    Superman Family- Same concept as Batman Family
    Teen Titans
    Wonder Woman
    Sensation Comics- features Donna and Cassie
    Dectective Comics- With Tim as the lead
    Adventure Comics- An anthology featuring characters who don't have their own books
    Swamp Thing
    Birds of Prey
    Green Lantern
    All Star Western featuring Jonah Hex
    Animal Man
    Doom Patrol
    Justice League

    My list focuses on representing all aspects of the DC Universe.

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    1. Action (a Superman family 80-page quarterly, anchored by a 20 page Steel feature and a 20 page Supergirl feature)
    2. Detective (same, but for the Bat-family, anchored by a 20-page Nightwing & Robin feature and a 20-page Batwoman feature)
    3. Superman
    4. Batman
    5. Justice League (with a ten page Martian Manhunter back-up every issue)
    6. Flash
    7. Wonder Woman
    8. Aquaman (with a ten page Mera back-up every issue)
    9. Green Lantern
    10. Green Lantern Corps (quarterly, featuring Corps members who don't regularly get a spotlight, anchored by a 20 page Simon/Jessica feature)
    11. Teen Titans
    12. Suicide Squad
    13. Hellblazer (10 page Zatanna backup)
    14. Swamp Thing
    15. Justice Society (with a ten page Stargirl back-up every issue)
    16. Legion of Super-Heroes (with a ten page Kamandi back-up every issue)
    17. Showcase/DC Universe Presents/Strange Adventures (80 page anthology featuring characters from all areas of the DCU, anchored by a 25-page Fourth World feature, other stories including Metamorpho, Plastic Man, the Doom Patrol, Hawk and Dove, Firestorm, Lobo, Deathstroke, the Metal Men, Cyborg, The Question, Blue & Gold, Adam Strange, Wild Dog, Zauriel, Vigilante, Chronos, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Red Tornado, Mister Terrific, Challengers of the Unknown, etc.)
    18. Jonah Hex
    19. Shazam (ten page Dr. Fate back-ups)
    20. Hawkman (10-page Hawkworld back-ups)
    21. Speed Force (80 page Flash family quarterly, anchored by a 20-page Wally back-up)
    22. Green Arrow/Black Canary
    23. Black Lightning and the Outsiders
    24. Birds of Prey (featuring a 10 page Harley Quinn back-up every issue)
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    Quote Originally Posted by warzon View Post
    Wildforce=books will include heroes and teams such as Gen 13/Anthority/Stormwatch/Wildcats/Fairchild/Burnout/Zealot/Grifter ect
    You mean Wildstorm. Wild Force is a Power Rangers team, lol.
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    Batman: A book focusing on Batman and his rogues
    Detective Comics: A book focusing on the Batfamily, led by Batwoman
    Batgirl: A book starring Cassandra Cain
    Nightwing: Dick back in Bludhaven
    Gotham City Sirens: A book starring Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy

    Superman: A book focusing on Superman and his rogues
    Action Comics: A book focusing on the Superfamily
    Supergirl: A book focusing on Kara Zor-El

    Wonder Woman: A book focusing on Wonder Woman and her rogues
    Green Lanterns: A book starring Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz
    The Flash: A book focusing on Barry Allen and his rogues
    Aquaman: A book starring Arthur and Mera, with emphasis on the Aquafamily
    Green Arrow & Black Canary: A book starring Ollie and Dinah on random adventures
    Hawkman & Hawkgirl: A book starring Katar and Shayera Hol, Thanagarian Space Cops
    Shazam!: A book focusing on Billy Batson and the Shazamily
    Cyborg: Starring Vic Stone on epic cosmic adventures
    Black Lightning: A book focusing on Jefferson Pierce leading the Outsiders and training his daughters
    Blue Beetle: A book focusing on Jaime Reyes, guest starring the JLI
    Firestorm: A book starring Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch

    Justice League: Lineup includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), The Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Vixen and Zatanna
    Justice Society: Lineup includes Stargirl, Wildcat (Yolanda), Hourman (Rick), Dr Mid-Nite (Beth), Jade, Obsidian, and Jakeem Thunder mentored by Alan Scott and Jay Garrick
    Titans: Lineup includes Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Wally West, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Terra, Mal Duncan and Rose Wilson
    Suicide Squad: Lineup includes Amanda Waller controlling Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost and El Diablo. The rest of the lineup is made up of expendable villains
    Doom Patrol: A bunch of “freaks” living in a mansion together and going on adventures, JLU style. Lineup includes The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Woman, Crazy Jane, Negative Man, Flex Mentallo, Mento, Tempest (Joshua Clay), Lodestone, Celsius, Dorthy Spinner and Lotion the Cat

    It’s so hard to dwindle it down to 24 titles. I’m still missing Young Justice, Legion of Superheroes, Justice League Dark, Birds of Prey and characters like Constantine, Atom and Booster Gold getting titles. Think I got the important ones, and gave a lineup that could both be successful and please fans. I like how diverse it came out!! 7 out of 19 solo titles star females and the 5 team titles all feature at least 3 women (some are practically even with the males in numbers). 6 of the 19 solo titles star POC (7 if you count the Shazam! Title with its focus on the Shazamily) and the team lineups all feature multiple POC, not just tokens (Titans being the most diverse unsurprisingly). I could have done better with LGBT representation but over half of the team titles (Doom Patrol, JSA and Suicide Squad) feature an LGBT rep.
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    Ongoing monthly series:

    Mister Terrific
    Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern: John Stewart
    Green Lantern: Jessica Cruz
    The Flash
    Adventures of Superman
    Detective Comics
    Justice League: (Vixen, John Stewart, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Zatanna)
    Justice Society: (Mister Terrific, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite (Beth Chapel), Nubia, Jakeem Thunder)
    Titans: (Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash (Wallace West), Tanya Spears (Power Girl)
    Black Lightning
    Blue Beetle
    Swamp Thing
    Green Arrow and Black Canary
    Tanya Spears: Power Girl
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