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    #1-The Avengers
    #2-Uncanny X-Men
    #3-Fantastic Four
    #5-Amazing Spider-Man
    #6-Miles Morales: Spider-Man
    #7-Web of Spider-Man
    #9-New Mutants
    #11-West Coast Avengers
    #12-Iron Man
    #16-Captain America
    #21-Captain Marvel
    #22-Ms Marvel
    #23-Black Panther
    #24-Guardians of the Galaxy

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    1.The Amazing Spider-Man
    2.The Ultimate Spider-Man:Miles Morales
    3.Spider-Alliance ( Spider Family)
    5.The Avengers
    6.New Warriors/Young Avengers (younger heroes who too old for Champions)
    7.Iron Man
    10.Captain America
    11.Captain Marvel
    12.Black Panther
    13.Ant-Man and the Wasp
    15.New Mutants
    16.X-Men Presents (spotlight issues for individual character)
    17.Marvel Presents ( weekly anthology series featuring teams or individuals )
    18.Guardians of the Galaxy
    19.Doctor Strange
    21.Ms. Marvel
    24.Fantastic Four

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    Here's my attempt to balance legacy flagship titles, cult favourites, types of powers, and diverse characters:

    1- Avengers
    2- Captain America
    3- Iron Man
    4- Thor
    5- Hulk
    6- Black Widow
    7- Black Panther
    8- Doctor Strange
    9- Captain Marvel
    10- Spider-Man
    11- X-Men
    12- X-Force
    13- Wolverine
    14- Deadpool
    15- Ms Marvel
    16- Champions
    17- Miles Morales
    18- Guardians Of The Galaxy
    19- Punisher
    20- Daredevil
    21- Fantastic Four
    22- Venom
    23- Marvel Team-Up
    24- Marvel Tales

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noek View Post
    I would do it less specific titles and more groups/corners/themes where all are included and get a minimum 12 issues, where if sales are kept above a minimum a writer is allowed to renew for another 12 issues and this cycle goes on until either (A) writer doesn't want to continue or (B) the minimum isn't reached and the book is replaced by something else appropriate for that corner with a new writer.

    1 Avenger team book
    2 Solo Avenger team member books

    1 X/Mutant team book
    2 Solo Mutant books

    1 Cosmic team book
    2 Solo Cosmic books

    1 Inhuman Team book
    2 Solo Inhuman books

    1 Magic/Supernatural team book
    2 Solo Magic/Supernatural books

    1 Fantastic Four/ Fantastic Family book
    2 Solo Fantastic Four member or Fantastic Family books

    1 Street level team book
    2 Solo street level books

    1 Non USA IRL Nation team book
    2 Solo Non USA IRL Nation hero books
    I could get behind this concept
    “The Scarlet Witch is the only thing that will scare them. It’s the only thing they’ll respect.” - Hope Summers, Avengers vs X-Men #7

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    I'll try my hand at this

    Heroes for Hire (anthology book about various street level characters Luke, Danny, Shang Chi, Misty etc)
    Captain America
    Mystic Arcana (magic title)
    Amazing Spider-man (Peter)
    Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles)
    Black Panther & the agents of Wakanda
    Champions (The teens)
    Mighty Avengers
    Immortal Hulk
    Invincible Iron Man
    Captain Marvel
    Infamous Doom
    Fantastic Four
    Uncanny X-Men
    Marvel Team-Up
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Reading List (Super behind but reading them nontheless):
    DC: Green Lantern, Red Hood, Far Sector, The Other History of the DC Universe, Truth and Justice
    Marvel: HiXmen, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Immortal Hulk, Daredevil
    LionForge: Noble, Astonisher
    Image: Killadelphia, Bitter Root, Excellence
    IDW: TMNT: The Last Ronin
    Other: XOGeneSYS, Clock Striker, Is'Nana The Were-Spider, Yohance, EXO Wale Williams

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    1. Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Spectacular Spider-Man
    3. Iron Man
    4. Captain America
    5. Thor
    6. Avengers
    7. Mighty Avengers
    8. Black Panther
    9. Captain Marvel
    10. Uncanny X-Men
    11. X-Men
    12. Hulk
    13. Daredevil
    14. Heroes for Hire
    15. Excalibur
    16. Dr. Strange
    17. Midnight Sons
    18. Guardians of the Galaxy
    19. Alpha Flight
    20. Fantastic Four
    21. Marvel Team-Up
    22. Winter Guard
    23. Ms. Marvel
    24. New Warriors

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    1. Avengers
    2. Captain America
    3. The Invincible Iron-Man
    4. The Mighty Thor
    5. The Incredible Hulk
    6. Black Widow
    7. Ant-Man and the Wasp
    8. The Sensational She-Hulk
    9. Black Panther
    10. Captain Marvel
    11. Doctor Strange
    12. Guardians of the Galaxy
    13. The Amazing Spider-Man
    14. Miles Morales: Spider-Man
    15. Daredevil
    16. Marvel Knights
    17. Fantastic Four
    18. Uncanny X-Men
    19. X-Factor
    20. X-Force
    21. Wolverine
    22. Storm
    23. Deadpool
    24. The Champions

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    1. World of Wakanda (Black Panther, Agents of Wakanda, Worlds of Wakanda anthology)
    2. X-men (X-men, Cable, X-Force, Marauders, X-factor, Hellions, Wolverine, New Mutants, Deadpool, Excalibur anthology)
    3. Avengers
    4. Captain Marvel
    5. Heroes for Hire
    6. Moon Knight
    7. Ms. Marvel
    8. Fantastic Four
    9. Captain America
    10. Iron Man
    11. Thor
    12. Spider-man (Spider-man (Peter Parker), Spider-man (Miles), Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-girl (May Parker), Spider-Gwen, Venom, Slingers anthology)
    13. Inhumans
    14. She-Hulk
    15. Runaways
    16. Guardians of the Galaxy
    17. Marvel Knights (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Immortal Iron Fist, Hellcat anthology)
    18. Fantastic Four
    19. New Warriors
    20. Iron Heart
    21. Blade
    22. Ghost Rider
    23. Dr. Strange
    24. Nova

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    1. Star Wars
    2. Conan the Barbarian
    3. Marvel Adventures (aimed towards younger readers like the books done in partnership with IDW)
    4. Spider-Man Adventures (same as above)
    5. X-Men Adventures (same as above)
    6. Amazing Spider-Man (featuring Peter Parker)
    7. Uncanny X-Men
    8. Avengers
    9. Iron Man
    10. Captain America
    11. Black Panther
    12. Fantastic Four
    13. Captain Marvel
    14. Ms. Marvel
    15. Spider-Man (featuring Miles Morales)
    16. Spider-Verse (anthology featuring various characters much like DC did with their giants, a 12 page lead featuring Peter or Miles, then 3 20 page stories featuring other characters)
    17. Avengers Assemble (same type of book as above, but with characters from Avengers world)
    18. Marvel Comics Presents (same as above drawing from all the MU, with Luke Cage/Iron Fist as the lead feature rotating the other 3)
    19. X-Men Universe (same as above, rotating lead between Wolverine and Storm, featuring X-characters)
    20. Midnight Sons (same as above but with Ghost Rider lead and other horror style characters)
    21. Thor
    22. Doctor Strange
    23. Hulk
    24. Daredevil

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