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    Default How will Covid -19 change comics

    So far i heard Covid-19 will change Marvel by less comics like minis and on-shots and more of the core titles like Spider-man and the X-titles.Less tie-ins for Empyer. So it looks like marvel will be Stronger for this.I think the sales will get better for marvel so far i read Empyer Avengers 1was a great opining for a Event But lile Most Events the opining is a great start but then lacks near the end like Secret Empire

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    how dare thee
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    The world has changed, and so have I.

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    How many threads do we need on this?
    Continuity, even in a "shared" comics universe is often insignificant if not largely detrimental to the quality of a comic.

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    When I read comics with a mask no one can tell my lips are moving.......

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