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    Default real-time marvel

    I'm putting this here because this is the only place where I can think of putting this topic.

    Anyway, ever since I read Spider-Man: Life Story, I always wonder what would your guy's ideas of a real-time marvel would look like and how the superheroes and villains of marvel would change in real-time. So what do you guys think the marvel universe would look like if they all age normally, and if like Life story, had all the heroes and villains adventures and retcons did not have a negative continuity and had actual long-lasting consequences and legacy on the heroes and villains of the marvel universe. And how would real-time impact the world around them, would it lead to a higher-tech level then our earth and lead to a WWlll in the 80s like in Life Story or would there be different results?

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    I did a similar though experiment,using 1984 as the "zero point".

    This assumed that Marvel as shown in 1984 was concurrent with the actual world, and scaled everything (forward and backward) using the old 4:1 time scale.

    The lack of changes was actually more difficult to account for. For example, a NYC where " Inferno", "Atlantis Attacks" and "Acts of Vengeance" happened in the same year would need years of rebuilding and rebranding to again become a major city, let alone a global hub.
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    So I was thinking on this a bit. Starting with WW2. This is pretty high level.

    Year 0: Invaders around for WW2.

    Year 10 Magneto forms the Brotherhood
    Year 11 X-Men forms. (X-men stories happen)
    Year 13 Hulk appears
    Year 15 Avengers form (Avenger stories happen
    Year 16 Captain America found
    Year 17 Fantastic Four happen, Dr Strange happens
    Year 19 Daredevil appears
    Year 20 Peter Parker is bitten by Spider, becomes Spider-man
    Year 21 Revenge of the Nazis
    Avengers / X-Men crossover. Last gasp for Hydra. Death of Magneto
    FF disappear. Determined to be a time travel error,
    Tony Stark buys the Baxter building to keep everything as is. Hires Forge to work in his lab.
    Year 22 Punisher arrives
    Year 23 Avengers Disassembled
    Year 26 Phoenix Force comes towards Earth resulting in the reformation of the Avengers
    Year 27 Uncanny Avengers forms
    Year 30 Tony Stark clones self, so we can always have a Tony Stark as Iron Man
    Peter Parker cuts back on being spider-man as Miles steps forward.
    Many other heroes cut back as well to allow new generation to take over teams.
    Year 31 Return of FF
    Year 32 Galactus arrives defeated by FF
    Year 35 By this time, it is more younger member of teams, the more experienced have retired ... one way or another.
    Year 36 Annihilation storyline
    Year 37 Time traveling X-men from the past
    Year 38 Return of Thanos, previously defeated in Year 20, he has returned. With the Black Order. Many heroes will fall. Dr Doom sacrifices himself to defeat Thanos
    Year 40 Many retired heroes are having to pick up the fight again, training people and simply keeping the peace
    Year 41 Sin, daughter of Red Skull attacks, Kang intercedes though, as a Nazi controlled world doesn't work for him. Sets up his own regime.
    Year 42 Return of Thor. Thor has been in and out of the Avengers over the years, but now that Kang is in charge, he returns to defeat him.
    Year 44 Ultron invasion and Symbiote invasion. Seemingly at the same time. Grandmaster Ploy.
    Year 45 Return of Galactus

    That is probably where I would end the story. These young heroes looking up at this giant ship as it arrives. Until the sequel of course.
    Of course this is fairly high level but it was a fun mind exercise.
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    I'd love to see this idea explored in a series of OGNs. But I wouldn't have every single story arc happen at the time of publication.
    My rule would be that each major character debuted at the time of their first appearance.
    So F4, Avengers and X-men would all have appeared in the 60s and aged from there.
    In the X-men's case, the original class would eventually be replaced by the New Mutants, Generation X and so on.

    I expanded on this idea on another thread:

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    there was some ideas that I had for a real-time marvel:
    Spider-man would definitely be the main leader to the younger generations as time goes by and would probably end up creating a successful sciences corporation in this world. he would age, but thanks to his superpowers he would still be extremely fit for his age.

    Captain America would most likely go rogue with Vietnam and the government forcing him to do things he thinks are un-moral. He would most likely keep the name Nomad from his rogue days and would travel the world and help people that don't have access to that help and help stop wars and evil governments without U.S. jurisdiction. As you can imagine, the government does not like him, especially heroes like iron man and u.s. agent.

    Iron man is in charge of his own organization called force works and is seen as the most powerful man in the country, thanks to his connections in S.H.E.I.L.D and the U.S. government during his time as secretary of Defense. He has not become a good person in the last few decades thanks to his ego becoming bigger and his experience in the Vietnam war that had lasted till 1977. The experience has made him bitter and cold and while he has conquered the demon in the bottle, he had to do all by his lonesome. He has stuck in a wheelchair thanks to a spin injury and looks more machine than man as he has been trying to keep his reactor alive, but as you can see he has gone beyond that objective. He looks like an evil, technology-oriented professor-X with hair.

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