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    Default Latino/Hispanic representation in comics and other media

    With the discussion of race and inclusion of POC in media at the highest and most heated that it has been in years, I have to add my opinion on the severe lack of Hispanic/Latino representation in pop culture.

    A USC study from 2019 about Latino representation in Hollywood found some very troubling results:

    The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California released a study that found that of the 100 top-grossing films each year from 2007 to 2018, only three percent featured Latino actors in lead or co-lead roles. Producers and casting executives fared badly, too, with Latinos making up only three percent. And they were equally rare in the directorís chair, helming four percent of movies studied during the 12-year period. In all, only 4.5 percent of the 47,268 speaking roles studied by researchers went to Latino actors.

    The results, the study said, do not reflect the number of Hispanic people living and working in the United States. According the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanic people tallied 59.9 million in 2017, or 18.1 percent of the nationís population. The bureau estimates, too, that by 2045, one in four Americans will be Hispanic.

    Just focusing on comic books alone is incredibly depressing. Fans have commented for years that DC seems to have a "one hispanic person at a time rule." Vibe is forgotten so that Jaime Reyes can get a chance, his book is cancelled so Sideways pops up. It seems like just having Jessica Cruz floating quietly behind Hal, John, and Guy is enough hispanic representation for them. Even on the rare chance that they appear their manner of speaking is still very stereotypical. I recall on numerous occasions that Jaime Reyes has exclaimed "ay dios mio!", called someone "ese", or even yelled "ay caramba!" Don't get me started on his manner of speaking in the Young Justice tv show.

    Comic book movie representation hasn't been great either. Who is the only hispanic in the Marvel cinematic universe? Ant-Man's cholo criminal friend.

    Another example is the Disney Princess line. Disney has a princess from so many ethnicities. In 2020 there is still not a movie or a planned animated movie to feature a Disney Princess of Hispanic descent.

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    I think Disney has an animated series about a latina princess.

    I remember Wizards of Waverly Place being quite popular among latino audiences.

    DC tv has some fairly good latino presentation.

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    Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider), and Disney!Honey Lemon come to mind.

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    First choice is this guy:

    Born on Santa Prisca and in a prison called Pena Duro, Bane is Latino, hands down. When a Hispanic actor plays Bane, it just feels right. Hell, I'm a huge fan of the Spanish language version of him from The Dark Knight Rises. Watch the iconic scene here! Ten times better than the English language version:

    An iron will, cold intellect, and brutal physicality, all of these are components of Bane. Yeah, he's a villain, but what a villain!

    As for other Latino/Hispanic characters, there are very prominent ones. But I feel more should be highlighted or created.
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