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    Default Tim Drake Robin trade paperbacks

    Lost my Robin comics years ago and I've been trying to get them back in trades but I've found a large portion of the Robin series with Tim Drake hasn't been put in trade format.

    Does anyone know why? Is it possible for DC to put them into trades?

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    Hi Steel

    DC released 5 Tim Drake TPB's between 2015 & 2018

    Robin, Vol. 1: Reborn Batman #455–457, Detective Comics Vol. 1 #618–621 and Robin Vol. 1 #1–5
    Robin, Vol. 2: Triumphant Batman #465, 467–469, Robin II #1–4 and Robin III #1–6
    Robin, Vol. 3: Solo Robin Vol. 4 #1–5, Robin Annual #1–2 and Showcase '93 #5–6, 11–12
    Robin, Vol. 4: Turning Point Robin Vol. 4 #6–13 and Showcase '94 #5–6
    Robin, Vol. 5: War of the Dragons Robin Vol. 4 #14–22, Robin Annual #3 and Detective Comics #685–686

    Vol 1 & 2 are Tim's appearances in Batman comics and his 3 mini series before his own title launches while vol 3-5 are the actual Robin issues

    Since then we haven't had any further releases, however an omnibus is listed for next year called Robin: Unmasked of the Bill Willingham run but the contents haven't been confirmed yet AFAIK

    Hope that helps!
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    If you live near an Ollie's Bargain Outlet, volumes 2&3 were available in FL for about $4 each this month.

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