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    Default Original Plans for Forever People/New Gods/Mister Mriracle

    Just do some re-reading (well, re-skimming), and was wondering if we knew what the original plans were.

    FP ends with them on a new world. NG has DaSaad and Kalibak dead. If we look at that time frame for Mister Miracle, Shilo hadn't been introduced yet, and Scott and Barda weren't in a relationship yet (well, the pretty much jumped directly to marriage, but you know what I mean). Though they had been set up for it, of course. And it seemed like the other Furies were on earth with Scott and Barda and then just weren't.

    Do we have any idea what was planned for the titles before the early ending?

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    I know that Mister Miracle was originally supposed to be passed on to another writer-artist - Steve Ditko in fact! - with Kirby as sort of controlling editor. He probably would have given Steve pretty free reign - that's what he was used to at Marvel, and he knew that Steve was a reliable font of creativity himself. I think he would've been a great fit; the likes of Doctor Strange and Shade the Changing Man illustrate that Ditko's awesome with those spacey characters!

    I think other artists may have been intended for some others titles as well, but I only remember for certain about Mr. Miracle, I don't know who else was tapped for which other books. I imagine that Kirby still wanted to draw at least one or two of them - for one thing, it was in his contract! But I also think he intended to move on to other books and ideas, much like he ended up doing with the likes of Demon, Kamandi, OMAC - he just didn't intend to drop his New Gods saga in the process, he wanted to keep going with broad editorial control of that, maybe keep drawing and writing one or two, and pick up new books. Pretty ambitious!

    I think I might remember reading that we only got maybe a third, or even less, of what Kirby originally intended for the New Gods saga - but I don't know how much of it was rigorously plotted out. I think it was a train that Kirby was willing to ride all the way to the end of the line, however long it took him to get there creatively. Obviously by Hunger Dogs the stuff going through Kirby's head is so different that the concerns aren't quite the same - more about automation and W.M.D. than it had ever been at the start.

    Hopefully this thread can get some other more specific information than that from people better informed than I am! I know I'll be checking back to see.
    I am into this stuff!

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