Round 1: Bat-side: Bruce has the Arkham Knight suit, but no gadgets. Defenders side: Matt has the Daredevil suit but no billy club, Luke is out. Arena fight

Round 2: Bat-side: Bruce has his gadgets. Defenders side: Matt has his full gear, Luke is in. Still an arena fight.

Round 3: They fight in Hell's Kitchen. They each start at one end of the area, and cannot leave it. The Defenders are given unhackable comlinks to synchronize if they wish to split up.

For both rounds: Peak Matt, obviously. Danny is his normal Iron Fist self, which means he is as he was when he had the Fist and at the top of his game, and not as the Ryo Saeba-style gunslinger from the end of S2.

Bonus round: Arkham Batman vs Black Sky Elektra. For the gear, whatever you feel is the most balanced.