This is a tournament just like my previous Martial arts one, with the caveat that it will instead take place on an uninhabited Earth instead of a ring, and thus there are no ring outs. The fighters will start on opposite ends of the Roman Coliseum

the following limitations are in play:

- Speed will be capped at lightning dodging (The slower stroke, to be specific)
- Strength will be capped at lifting 100 tons
- Explosive power will be capped tsar bomba levels of force
- Characters are durable enough to survive their own attacks to whatever extent they are in canon.
- Immortality is suspended, but healing factors are not.

Round 1: Son Goku (Dragonball) vs Odin (Marvel)

Round 2:Frau Totenkinder (Fables) vs Nyarlathotep (Lovecraft)

Round 3: Sasaki Kojiro (Record of Ragnarok) vs Lucifer (Vertigo)

Round 4: Stardust the Super Wizard (Fox) vs Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

Voting will close in one week, on July 6th at Noon