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    What could we do about Osria and Saturna(aka Evilness). We need a little alien sci

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmiMizuno View Post
    What could we do about Osria and Saturna(aka Evilness). We need a little alien sci
    I would axe the name Evilness but keep Osria and Saturna. Sister alien warlords with vast energy manipulation on top of whatever their golden age power sets were. I love the amazon's as star explorers so my idea would be that before Diana was created/born Hippolyta's sister, Melanippe, who is also Ares's daughter, sets off an a huge ark sort of space craft to meet and establish contact with other worlds. She meets the two alien sister and they capture her and her amazons, not before they sent out a distress call. The call finally reaches Themyscira in modern times with Diana around and Diana discovers this and goes searching for her lost sisters. Diana meets Saturna and Saturna lies and tries to manipulate Diana into believing she is a "good guy" (it doesn't work cause Diana sees with the eyes of truth and stuff like that doesn't work on her) Diana plays along until Saturna brings Diana to her ruling planet. Its this huge planetoid with massive plant busting cannons on it and its emanating a strange energy. Diana still playing along, meets Osira; they have a chat, Diana subtlety notes that she knows what's happening, A trap is sprung, Diana out numbered "loses" and they throw her in prison. Diana meets her aunt, reunion, they bust out, and Diana brings them home.

    I just came up with that in like 5 minutes so, I'd have to go back and add some more detail but, that's the basic premise of the story.
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