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    Default Skull Crawler Gauntlet

    The skull crawler (the smaller ones) from Kong Skull Island faces the following:

    The Defenders (MCU)

    Okoye, Shuri, M'Baku, and a war Rhino

    Indominus Rex

    King Kong 2005

    Ralph (Rampage)

    Doctor Octopus (Spiderman 2)
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    Doctor Octopus seems oddly placed.

    1: I think a Crawler is too much for the Defenders. Luke survives for a while but lacks the strength to fight back. Eventually he gets rag dolled unconscious or something. Danny could stun it with the Iron Fist but not finish it off.

    2: Vibranium spear probably takes an eye out. Shuri also weakens it at range while it murders the Rhino and M'Baku. It might win this round but would be in rough shape?

    3: Assuming it struggles out of round 2, the Indominus finishes it off.

    I think even if it is fresh, it loses to 05 Kong and Ralph.
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    Actually, after watching the scene where it ambushes the team in the bone yard again...

    Skull Crawlers are super durable. And larger then I remember. The thing literally runs head first through a stream of heavy machine gun rounds without a scratch. Then small arms fire is similarly ignored for an extended bit. Then they torch its whole body in napalm and it shrugs that off as well. They only finish it with a large explosion.

    Now I'm thinking it almost certainly beats team Wakanda. Possibly the Indominus as well although that will be a close fight given its accrued damage. Then Kong finishes it. I might be inclined to believe that a /fresh/ Crawler takes 05 Kong though.
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    I think a Skull Crawler could kill 05 Kong personally. Did not see Rampsge (want to as I loved the games.)

    And I seee Dr socks arms just breaking it’s jaw?

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    05 Kong took on 3 V-rexes (bigger than normal T-rexes according to the interwebs) while protecting Naomi Watts (barely a scratch on her -- gotta love that ape). I think he can take on 1 skull crawler regardless or not if it's fresh. I can see him ripping out its tongue like his bigger cousin does with the Crawler Prime, or breaking apart its jaw like 33 Kong does with the dino, or 76 Kong does with the snake.

    I *think* Ralph is bigger than 05 Kong, but I've only seen the Rampage movie once. His strength and agility feats might be on par with 05 Kong? Definitely durable enough to handle a skull crawler's tail whip or other similar attack.

    I can see a crawler winning against I-Rex -- lower to the ground, easy to attack the legs or abdomen. The I-Rex adapts well, though, so I think its odds go up if it can avoid being disemboweled or getting its leg broken.

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