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    Quote Originally Posted by Beadle View Post
    To be fair, when it comes to getting Raven to follow her daddy, those are some big boots to fill.

    Yeah, real thigh-highs.
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    It's hard to look up to your dad when he is a literal giant who wears a breechclout and probably no underwear.

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    ...I see I am not needed here.

    Away! *choof*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shellhead View Post
    It's almost like Trigon is really powerful on a level that isn't helpful in actual combat. Like he can shatter a planet, but that's not an ideal attack mode in Khazan and maybe Trigon doesn't have the finesse to dial down the power. He can conquer a universe, but he can't even raise an obedient daughter.
    He did, originally. He was able to conquer Earth in New teen Titans through her, Raven was eventually corrupted and became an evil villain. The only reason he failed was because they had Lilith and specific things to had to happen to turn Raven. Like getting the corrupted Teen Titans to kill her.

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