So this has been nagging me on and off for a long time, and it finally occurred to me to find a place like this to ask. I had a Hulk comic (or at least he was in it) when I was little (I was born in `79). So little in fact that I couldn't even read, so it probably belonged to my older brother, and I just flipped through the pictures, which means this issue probably originated somewhere in the 70s. Like everything else from my childhood that might have been worth something today, as I got older it mysteriously disappeared when I wasn't paying attention (thanks Dad). I want to figure out which issue it was so I can maybe look it up online and actually read the damn thing just once.

Unfortunately there's very little detail I can remember, but hopefully it will be enough. I recall that near the end of the comic, whatever was going on in that issue was over and Hulk was doing his leaping-travel thing, leaving behind small craters in the ground. Then it showed him disappearing into the distance and some big *thing* climbed out of one of the craters (or maybe it was a nearby canyon or something?), just having this look about him that made me think he was going to be one of Hulk's enemies (maybe this was introducing a new antagonist?). I seem to remember him being about the same size as Hulk, and being either white or at least some light color, and sort of blocky, almost like a rock golem or something. Or maybe I'm remembering it badly and he was furry? I know it's not much to go on and that the description probably fits a number of different characters, but I'm hoping the sequence and it's placement near the end of the comic might narrow it down.

At any rate, if anyone can shed some light on this I'd be grateful.....and also impressed.