We present to you Age of Marvels: New Universe, a collection of all new fan-made issues on “sale” this month for AUGUST 2020!

What is “Age of Marvels” and how does it work?

Age of Marvels is a fan fiction universe and solicitation game that has been in existence on the CBR boards for approximately eleven years! It has gone through several iterations and has survived forum reboots! The way it works is that “plotters” write short solicitations for monthly comic books! Then participants “buy” the books they want to read! The books with the most buys get rewards. Sounds fun, right? So let’s do this! Which of this month's solicits interest and excite you? Let us know by posting which books you'd pick up in the virtual Age of Marvels Store (this solicitation thread). You can pull as many as you'd like, but also consider your "virtual budget" when making your selections, as sales are used to reward our titles and plotters. Registers are open all month and sales are tallied at the end of the month.

Absolutely anyone can make purchases right here in this thread - so please do!. It’s free and is basically just saying “I’d read this” or “I like this!” So let us know! There has never been a more excelsior time to join the fun!

If you want more information on Age of Marvels or are interested in plotting yourself, please visit us at the Age of Marvels Bullpen Thread.