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    Default TP: value for personal collection

    Hey guys

    Now if i see at this moment at my collection: i have different type of books in it: hardcover, TP (mostly), deluxe and some omnibuses.
    I do not own any absolutes at this point.

    So the most part of my collection are in effective TP.
    And yes, i do agree a HC last more in time, but it cost (a lot) more as well.

    Now when i search on the net ...
    There are a lot of guys who seem to have the mentality: 'if it's not at least a hardcover, deluxe, absolute or omnibus, it has no collectioners value at all.'
    There are collectors on social media, whos collection is widly appreciated, who have all types of publications, including a high number of TP and it does not seem any type of issue at all.

    What are your opinions about this?

    Do trades just as well count as well as 'collection' in your opinion as hardcovers?
    Maybe HC last a long longer then TP because of the quality, but otherwise, should it be an item of 'concern'?

    Maybe this is mostly a psychological thing, but i'd appreciate others opinions on this to share.

    Thx for sharing your opinions, as always!

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    While trades may be less expensive than hardcovers, I value the content of my books as much as the format. But you can find plenty of out of print trades that go or exorbitant prices on secondary markets.

    That said, I gave up on collecting for perceived resale value; I buy what I like and plan to keep and reread.
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    Omnibuses and other bog HC certainly looks the most impressive on the shelf. But smaller TPB editions are ao much easier to handle when reading. I like tp read lying down, and that can be difficult for me with the bigger books.

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