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    Default Concepts for a new InFamous game?

    revived cole? more delsin?

    with map sizes and tech of PS5 growing i'd like a co-op game for the next installment. not a big lobby or anything, but think dead rising 2's two player roam

    plus with the various conduit powers ranging from natural elements to things like neon i think you could have a lot of cool combinations and different player experiences

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    My initial thoughts leaned towards a revived Cole. He's the original character and his powers were a lot of fun to play with. But Delsin's power mimicking was also a lot of fun. So I guess I could be happy with either.

    Mainly I'd want them to continue coming up with unique and creative conduit abilities, like neon (as you mentioned) or the kid with the video game power.

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    Maybe a new protagonist? I'd like to see water or air used as the new element.

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    Honestly, I'd kinda like to see a First Light-style mini-episode dealing with Eugene, who was a lot more badass than most of the reviews led me to believe pence, to the point where the section where Delsin helping him get out of his shell seemed completely unnecessary.

    Other than that, whoever the character is, I think that they should go back to using a fake city based off of a real one so that they gave more freedom in design and actions. Also, maybe get some of the writers from Soul Sacrifice (which was basically Dark Souls/Berserk meets Monster Hunter meets inFamous already) to help them work out a more nuanced Karma system.

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    More Delsin or a new protagonist. I like Cole but i don't feel there's much benefit to bringing him back. Let him end on a high note.

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    im pretty big on cole's powers but i warmed up to delsin throughout the game, including the smoke abilities

    if he returns though i demand sucker punch give him some better clothing customization

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