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    I My Me Strawberry Eggs where the crossdressing teacher Hibiki Amawa always wore the same clothes both as a man and a woman.

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    Reminds me of a conversation at work about a manager.

    Other guy: "You ever notice she wears the same pants suit every day?"

    Me: "Well, technically, we don't know that it's the same suit every day".

    Him (laughing): "Oh, yeah. Like a cartoon character with a whole closet full of the exact same clothes".
    Power with Girl is better.

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    If I could know in advance what was going to fit the best and feel the most comfortable, I'd be buying ten of each shirt, pair of shoes and pants. It's only because you don't know--I seem to need to buy seven pairs of shoes before I finally find a pair that's good--that you don't buy multiples of the same outfit. Lucky are those who find what works for them and are able to get that in stock. Otherwise you're like Monk trying to find the shirt that you know is perfect, but fate has conspired against your efforts to find it.
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