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    Episode 14: “Fermented”

    Vixen is helping an elderly pigeon across the street when the A.I. in her Tantu Totem beeps, giving her a notification.

    Vixen: “Uh, Nancy? What are my notifications?

    Uh Nancy: “There is a report of drunken squirrels in Marcus Garvey Park. They appear to be dazed and confused.”

    Vixen: “Drunken squirrels? Ooohkay…”

    She mimics the flight of a vampire bat and flies to the scene.

    When she arrives, a cop waves her over to him.

    Cop: Thank goodness you’re here, Mary.”

    Vixen: “It’s Mari, actually.”

    Cop: “We tried calling Beast Boy and Animal Man, but they didn’t pick up their phones, so I was just about to call you.”

    Vixen: “I was last on your list to call?”

    Cop: “Yep.”

    Vixen: “Great, thanks a lot.”

    Cop: “Don’t mention it.”

    The cop stares into Vixen’s eyes but suddenly averts his gaze because he doesn’t want to get lost in them. He notices that one moment her eyes appear to be amber and then in another moment they seem to be hazel.

    Cop: “These squirrels appear to be drunk. Some of them are stumbling and bumbling around, while others are just sitting there, looking stoned. I even had one squirrel try to walk a straight line, and it couldn’t.”

    Vixen bends down and inspects one of the drunken squirrels closely. “This is extremely odd. I’ve never seen anything like this until now.” She waves her hand in front of the squirrel’s face, but the male squirrel just stares ahead without blinking. Then Vixen notices several pear pieces near some of the squirrels. She picks up some of the fruit and sniffs it with the nose of a bloodhound.

    Vixen: “These pears are fermented. If these squirrels ate these pears, it’s not surprising that they are acting drunk. But I’d have to be sure that these squirrels ingested the fruit. I’m going to take some of these squirrels with me to my den to have them analyzed.”

    Cop: “You have a den?”

    Vixen: “It’s a new thing I’m trying out. We’ll see how it goes.”

    Cop: “I guess that makes sense, since vixens are female foxes, and foxes make their homes in dens. Well, I’m going to leave you to it, Mary. Have a good day.”

    Vixen: “It’s Mari!”

    The cop doesn’t hear her, because he is too busy responding to a call about a giant woman pistol-whipping a little woman.
    Once back home in her spacious Manhattan apartment, Vixen sets up the drunk squirrels on a table near the kitchen and waits for them to poop; once one squirrel does, she puts on a pair of plastic gloves and inspects the feces, using eagle-like vision to see the fruit remnants.

    <Just as I thought. This squirrel ate some fermented pears. Now to see if the other squirrels did as well>

    Once the other squirrels eventually defecate, Vixen repeats the analyzation process and finally concludes that all the squirrels had ingested fermented pears. Then she feeds them some nuts and seeds and allows them to recuperate for a few hours before she flies them back to Marcus Garvey Park.

    No sooner does Vixen drop the squirrels back in the park when a homeless woman shows up with two shopping carts and attempts to feed one of the squirrels some fruit.

    Vixen: “No, wait!”

    Homeless Woman: “Yes?”

    Vixen: “What are you about to feed these squirrels?”

    Homeless Woman: “Just some fruit.”

    Vixen: “Mind if I take a look at some of that fruit?”

    Homeless Woman: “Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt…”

    Vixen takes some of the fruit and sniffs it. “Yeah, just as I thought. This fruit is fermented. Did you feed squirrels in this park earlier?”

    Homeless Woman: “I sure did. I always feed them, but not always fruit. Today I thought I’d feed them something different.”

    Vixen: “Well, you really shouldn’t be feeding them…plus the fruit you gave them was fermented and made them drunk.”

    Homeless Woman: “Oh dear, I’m so sorry, I had no idea. It’s just that they are my only friends, it seems, and I like to do good things for them. I like to feed animals. It helps me feel closer to them. But if I can’t feed the squirrels anymore, who can I feed? I’m so lonely!”

    Vixen: “It’s okay, you didn’t know about the fruit. And if you need a friend, you can just feed me!”

    Homeless Woman: “Really?”

    Vixen: “Yep. Better me than the squirrels! They need their own food, not human food.”

    Homeless Woman: “Okay, open wide!”

    Vixen: “Wait, you’re not going to feed me the fermented fruit, are you?”

    Homeless Woman: “It’s the only food I’ve got!”

    Vixen sighs and takes a piece of fruit from the woman, and just as she does that, a nearby paparazzo snaps several pictures of her with his camera.

    Paparazzo: “Wait until the tabloids get wind of this! Model Marilyn McCabe, being fed by a homeless woman in Marcus Garvey Park! Oh, how the beautiful and mighty have fallen! They’ll pay me a decent amount of money for these pictures!”

    Vixen: “No, sir, wait, you don’t understand! This is not what it looks like!”

    The paparazzo ignores her and races back to his car, and Vixen is about to chase him but the homeless woman calls out to her.

    Homeless Woman: “I’m not done feeding you, dear! Come on back, sit down and talk to me! Please?”

    Vixen still wants to chase the paparazzo and take his camera, or at least destroy his film, but she doesn’t want to leave the elderly woman all alone, so she walks back to the park bench and accepts some more fermented fruit as she listens to the tale of how the homeless woman became homeless.
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    Episode 15: “Red Lion and the Lionesses”

    One Friday morning, as Marilyn Jiwe McCabe exits her apartment building in Manhattan and is about to drive into work at McCabe Industries, someone peeks their head around the corner, stares at Mari for a few seconds and then shoots her in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

    A few seconds after Mari falls unconscious onto the pavement, two women run over to her, pick her up and carry her over to a nearby van.
    When Mari eventually awakes, she sees Matthew Bland, a.k.a. Ja-Zaki, a.k.a. Red Lion, President-for-Life of the African nation of Buredunia, staring at her with a grin!

    Vixen: “Red Lion!?”

    Red Lion: “In the flesh, my dear.”

    Vixen: “I am not your “dear.”

    Red Lion: “Are you my “deer?” D-E-E-R?”

    Vixen: “That was lame, kind of like how one of your legs is going to be after I kick you in it. What is the meaning of this? Where am I? One minute I’m leaving my apartment, the next minute I’m here, wherever this is.”

    Red Lion: “Welcome to Buredunia.”

    Vixen groans. “Why do people keep kidnapping me all the way to Africa?”

    Red Lion: “Wait, this has happened to you before?”

    Vixen: “Yes, it has. But that’s another story for another time.”

    Red Lion: “Since you’re obviously wondering why I brought you here, I won’t hold you in suspense. I want you to be one of my Lionesses, effective immediately.”

    Vixen: “Not going to happen, Mr. President.”

    Red Lion chuckles. “I always get what I want.”

    Vixen: “Not this time, I’m afraid.”

    Red Lion: “Why should this time be any different than any other time?”

    Vixen: “Uh, because I won’t marry you? Duh.”

    Red Lion: “I want you as one of my Lionesses because I admire your beauty, your strength, and your powers.”

    Vixen: “You made no mention of my mind.”

    Red Lion: I don’t marry my Lionesses for their minds.”

    Vixen: “How rude!”

    Red Lion: “Marry me, or else.”

    Vixen: “Or else, what, man?”

    Red Lion: “Or else we will be forced to show you the error of your ways in turning me down.”

    Vixen: “And who is “we”, exactly?”

    Red Lion pushes a button under his desk, and a wall opens to reveal about 10 Lionesses.

    Red Lion: “Vixen, meet some of my other Lionesses. Lionesses, this is Vixen.”

    Vixen: “Exactly how many Lionesses do you have in your pride?”

    Red Lion: “About a dozen as of right now, all willing to do my bidding. This is just one of the many perks of being President-for-Life of a country. You could be my First-Lady-for-Life, since I had to imprison the other one. As my First-Lady-for-Life, you would have complete authority over my other Lionesses. But you have to prove your loyalty to me first."

    Vixen: “I’d rather be imprisoned, too, than be married to you.”

    Red Lion: “I’ve got another idea. Lionesses, let's see if you all can get Vixen to reconsider my gracious offer.”

    Before Vixen could react, the Lionesses jump on her.
    When Vixen awakes, she discovers that she is strapped to a strange looking machine in what appears to be a basement.

    Red Lion: "Ah, you're awake. How do you feel?"

    Vixen: "I feel like a bunch of big rig trucks rolled all over me."

    Red Lion: "Yeah, that's what happens when my Lionesses unleash their rage on someone. They beat you to a pulp."

    He holds a mirror in front of her, and she can see that her face is bloodied and bruised.

    Red Lion: "Now normally, I'd say you won't be going on any modeling gigs soon, but you're in luck."

    He flips a few switches and pushes some buttons on the machine, and it roars to life.

    Red Lion: "I call this contraption "The Resurrector." It can take a broken body and make it whole again."

    After a strange sensation washes over Vixen, she can feel her battered face and the rest of her body begin to feel better. The aches and pains she had been feeling for the past few minutes are now gone. When Red Lion holds the mirror up to her again, she sees that her face is back to normal.

    Red Lion: "I'll give you another chance to say yes to me and become one of my Lionesses. If you still refuse, I'll have the Lionesses come in and give you another beating. Then you'll go through the Resurrector again, and we can keep this whole pattern going until your will finally breaks. I'm hoping that you won't be that stubborn, though. I hated to watch them break your face and your body."

    Vixen: "I don't want to go through THAT experience again, thank you very much. It's not very fun having a bunch of women pounding on you before you black out. I'll join your pride."

    Red Lion: "Wait, really?"

    Vixen: "Of course. Think about it; what woman wants to keep getting beaten by a bunch of other women?"

    Red Lion: "True, true. Okay, then, well, in honor of your acceptance, we will have a grand feast tonight.”

    Vixen: “Will there be root beer?”

    Red Lion: “Root beer? No. But we will have wine.”

    Vixen: “But I like root beer. Root beer makes me happy. You want to make me happy, right?”

    Red Lion: “You’re under the assumption I’m trying to please you. On the contrary, the job of all my Lionesses is to please ME.”

    Vixen: “Of course, Mr. President.”

    Red Lion: “And now that I’ve put you back in your place, I will have one of the other Lionesses show you to your room. This will be the room you will be staying in from now on when I have not requested that you share my bed that night.”

    Vixen: “As you wish.”

    After one of the Lionesses escorts Vixen to her room, Vixen turns to her and says “I’m getting out of here, and you and Red Lion’s other Lionesses should come with me.”

    Lioness #11: “Leave here? On purpose? You must be out of your mind. None of the Lionesses want to leave our dear husband. He feeds us. Clothes us, bathes us and protects us. And we do the exact same for him. But don’t worry, once you get used to being here and being told what to do by Red Lion, you won’t ever want to leave Buredunia, or him.”

    Vixen smacks her to snap her back to her senses, and the Lioness smacks Vixen into a wall.

    Lioness #11: “We took your measurements when you were unconscious after we beat you to a pulp. You’ll find a dress in your size hanging up in the closet. You’ll wear that dress to dinner tonight. I personally took the liberty of giving you a dress that doesn’t reveal too much because we don’t need you shoving your ample cleavage in Red Lion’s face, making him salivate and forget the rest of us. And don’t even THINK about trying to get in Red Lion’s bed tonight! Tonight it’s MY turn, and I’ll be damned if some supermodel is going to waltz in here and steal my thunder.”

    Vixen: “Trust me, he’s all yours.”

    Lioness #11: “Yeah, right. That’s what the Lioness in the dungeon said, until she knocked me out and stole my man for the night. That’s why I framed her for a crime she did not commit. I’m warning you now, cross me and I’ll have no problem framing you for something.”

    Vixen: “Good to know.”

    Lioness #11: “Now come with me and some of the other Lionesses to the store. We have to buy groceries for tonight’s dinner. As a new Lioness, it will be your duty to prepare a dish for everyone to consume tonight. Red Lion will judge your cooking abilities, and if you pass the test, you will be one of the Lionesses who will cook for the entire presidential compound on a regular basis.”

    Vixen: “And if I fail the test?”

    Lioness #11: “Red Lion will find other duties for you to perform. Every one of Red Lion’s Lionesses has a role.”
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    After Vixen and some of the Lionesses return from the store and finish preparing the grand feast, they and Red Lion sit down to eat. Nearly an hour into the meal, Vixen turns to Red Lion.

    Vixen: “You know, while I was at the store today, I went looking for some Root Beer. I didn’t find any.”

    Red Lion: “Quite right. Buredunia does not have this “Root Beer” of which you are so fond. This isn’t America.”

    Vixen: “It’s not?” She looks around in mock confusion.

    Red Lion: “Your sarcasm is cute, but don’t make a habit of it.”

    Vixen: “I’m really set in my ways, I’m afraid.”

    Red Lion: “There’s no need to be afraid. If or when you step out of line, your fellow Lionesses and I will not hesitate to put you back in your place.”

    Vixen: “Question: Why do you call yourself “Red” Lion? Red lions don’t exist.”

    Red Lion: “I needed a name that would make people take notice. Any other questions?”

    Vixen: “Actually, yes. Are you ready for dessert, Mr. President?”

    Red Lion: “Yes. Who has prepared dessert?”

    Vixen: “I have. I have made a chocolate cake. I learned the recipe from my grandmother in Zambesi.”

    Red Lion waves away her explanation with exasperation. “Less talking, more serving.”

    Vixen gets up from the table, cuts the chocolate cake into slices and serves the slices to Red Lion and the Lionesses. When Red Lion takes his first bite of the cake, he closes his eyes to concentrate on the flavor. When the Lionesses eat the cake, they, too, are pleased. Vixen is visibly pleased that her chocolate cake is a hit! While the others are not watching her, Vixen takes bites of the cake off her plate and stores the bites in her cheeks the same way a chipmunk stores food in its own cheek pouches.

    About 20 minutes later, as Vixen is telling everyone about her childhood is Zambesi, Red Lion starts feeling sleepy, and it becomes so bad that he can barely keep his eyes open. The Lionesses are also feeling quite tired, and a few moments later they and Red Lion are asleep. Vixen shouts at them, trying to wake them up, but they remain asleep.

    Satisfied that her trick of putting crushed-up sleeping pills in the cake batter has worked, Vixen spits out the cake she had been hoarding in her cheek pouches and then runs out of the presidential palace and flies to Buredunia’s nearest airport so she can catch a flight back home to Manhattan. While in flight, she wonders how much longer it will be before the laxatives she also slipped into the cake batter will begin to take effect on Red Lion and the Lionesses.
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    Episode 16: "Just Desserts"

    One Tuesday morning, a few days after returning from Red Lion's country of Buredunia, Marilyn "Mari" McCabe walks into her company called McCabe Unlimited and is immediately greeted by her personal assistant.

    Angelique Alba: "Hey Mari, there's somebody waiting for you in your office. She said she's a friend of yours."

    Mari: "Thanks, Angie. What's my day looking like?"

    Angelique: "Aside from meeting with your friend in your office and your conference call later this afternoon with Tony Stark, Michael Holt and Bruce Wayne, your day is wide open."

    Mari walks into her spacious office and immediately looks puzzled, because she does not recognize the woman sitting in the office.

    Mari: "I'm Mari McCabe. Can I help you?"

    Woman: "Yes, you can help me by staying away from my boyfriend."

    Mari: "Sorry, but you must have me confused with someone else. I'm not around anyone's boyfriend."

    Woman: "Not physically, but you are always with him."

    Mari: "What in the world are you talking about? If I'm not physically around your boyfriend, how can I possibly be anywhere near him?"

    Woman: "He is infatuated with you, and I am infatuated with him. I can feel him slipping away from me, because of you. Every time he hears your name, his face lights up. His face used to light up when he heard MY name. Most of the time I get the feeling he'd rather be dating you instead of me."

    Mari: "I feel bad that you feel that way and that you're going through all of that, but I have no idea how I can possibly help you with your problem. I can't help it if I have fans."

    Woman: "You can help me by dropping out of the limelight. Take an early retirement. Stop being Mari McCabe the celebrity. Stop being Vixen the superheroine. If you go away, he'll stop thinking about you, and he'll start thinking about me again."

    Mari: "If you think I'm going to give up all of my commitments just so you can keep your boyfriend's interest, I don't know what to say for you."

    Woman: "I've got ways to make you go away."

    Mari: "And none of them will work. Our meeting's over."

    The woman shrugs and rises to her feet. "Well, I tried to do this the easy way. You'll be hearing from me again soon. Good day, Miss McCabe."
    Later that afternoon after the conference call, Mari and Angelique are waiting in line to get into a restaurant for lunch when another woman suddenly comes up to them and pushes Angelique to the ground.

    Mari: (running over to her) "Angie! Are you alright?"

    Angelique: "Yeah, I think so..."

    Mari: "I'm going to wring her neck!"

    Angelique: "No, it's fine, Mari, really. I guess she really wants to get into this restaurant!"

    Mari: "No, it's not fine. When someone attacks one of my employees, that someone also attacks me!"

    Angelique sighs. "Mari, please don't do anything to get yourself arrested."

    Mari: "Not to worry! I'm Mari McCabe! What's the worst that could happen?"

    Angelique: "Oh God, we're doomed!"

    Mari waves aside the comment and runs like a bull toward the woman who had shoved Angelique to the ground. Seconds later, Mari punches the woman INTO the restaurant.

    Mari: (standing over the woman, who is still laying on the restaurant floor) "Take a guess at which animal comes next."

    Woman 2: "I don't know."

    Mari: "Go on, guess."

    Woman 2: "Shrimp? Goose? Dragonfly?"

    Mari: "Nope. Horse."

    Mari raises her foot to stomp the woman in the stomach, but the woman catches Mari's foot and pulls her down to the floor. Then the woman gets on top of Mari and begins repeatedly punching her in the face.

    Woman 2: (as she continues pounding away on Mari's face) "Consider this a message from my employer. When she tells you to lay low, that's exactly what she means. No ifs, ands or buts about it. When she gives you an order, you obey. When she tells you to leave her boyfriend alone, she means it. Whenever you ignore her orders, you'll have me to deal with."

    Mari: "And who are you, exactly?"

    "Her name is Mukbang Gorge. Go on, Mukbang, show her your skill."

    Mari, even though she is still being punched in the face, manages to turn her head to see who has just spoken, and it is the same woman who had visited her earlier that morning at McCabe Unlimited!

    Mari: "And what's YOUR name? I didn't catch it earlier."

    Woman 1: "That's because I didn't throw it earlier. My name is One-Man-Amy, and I always mean what I say. Now, again: Mukbang, show Miss McCabe your skill."

    Mukbang Gorge begins grabbing handfuls of food from the buffet and stuffs the food down her throat. Seconds later, as she eats more food, the more her body begins to expand. Soon she is 800 pounds of fat and muscle.

    Mukbang Gorge: "What animal are you going to use against me now, Marilyn?"

    Angelique runs up to Mari.

    Angelique: "Hey, how did she get so big?"

    Mari: "By eating everything in sight. Angie, do me a favor and go back to the office. I'd feel a lot better if you were out of harm's way. Don't worry, I've got this."

    Angelique: "With her as big as she is now, I'll definitely leave this up to you. Feets, don't fail me now!"

    Mukbang Gorge watches Angelique run out of the restaurant.

    Mukbang Gorge: "Sure you don't want to run away as well, Mari?"

    Vixen: "I've got more than enough to handle you." She channels all the strength of a blue whale and punches Mukbang Gorge in the face, and Mukbang Gorge goes FLYING through the air and comes crashing down hard into a display case of desserts.

    Vixen: "Well, Mukbang Gorge, it looks like you've finally received your "just desserts!"

    The entire restaurant groans.

    Vixen: "Wow. Tough restaurant."

    Mukbang Gorge: "Vixen, you're a fool. While you're making terrible wisecracks, I'm still surrounded my food." Mukbang Gorge begins eating all of the desserts around her, and seconds later she begins to weigh 1,000 pounds.

    Mukbang Gorge: "I'm ready for Round 2, Vixen. This time, I'm gonna clean your clock REAL good."

    One-Man-Amy: "We can avoid any further pain on your end if you agree to lay low for the rest of your life, Vixen. Stop being stubborn."

    Vixen: "I don't do "laying low". Except for that one time. And for that other time, too. Not to mention that other time when...Okay, look, I don't lay low very often, alright?"

    One-Man-Amy shrugs. "Fine. Have it your way. Whenever you're ready, Mukbang."

    Mukbang Gorge shoves some more desserts down her throat as she plods toward Vixen. Vixen summons the strength of a blue whale again and tries to punch Mukbang Gorge but the heavy-set opponent dodges the punch and smacks Vixen hard across the face. Vixen responds by covering her entire body in armadillo armor and then kangaroo-kicking Mukbang Gorge in the chest.

    Mukbang Gorge: "Stop kicking me in my boobs." She grabs Vixen's armored head and tries to crush it, but she can't penetrate the armor. She punches Vixen, but Vixen doesn't even feel the blow through the armor. Mukbang Gorge frowns as Vixen proceeds to roll herself into an impenetrable armored ball. Then, still in her armored ball form, Vixen adds hummingbird to her attack strategy so that she hovers in mid-air. Before Mukbang Gorge can think of a way to attack Vixen's armor, Vixen flies forward and becomes a flying armored ball, a ball which hits Mukbang in the face with the combined weight of two elephants, two blue whales and two tyrannosaurus rexes.

    After Mukbang falls to the floor, stunned, Vixen removes her armadillo armor and rushes forward to open the heavy woman's mouth. Prying the woman's mouth open, Vixen takes various vegetables from the buffet and rams them down Mukbang's throat, in order to test out a theory. As soon as Mukbang swallows the vegetables, her body begins to shrink back to its normal size.

    One-Man-Amy: "What in the world is going on here!?"

    Vixen: "I'll tell you what's going on here. After I saw your stooge only eating junk food this entire time, I noticed she had been avoiding all of the vegetables. I was hoping that she would have some sort of negative reaction to them if she came into contact with them."

    One-Man-Amy runs over to Mukbang Gorge, who is wincing because her face is hurting.

    One-Man-Amy: "Mukbang, you had one job. One job!"

    Mukbang just groans, and One-Man-Amy whirls around to glare at Mari.

    One-Man-Amy: "You'll pay for this, Vixen!"

    Vixen: "Hey, yall came after ME! If you can't take the heat, stay out of the sauna."

    Suddenly a few police cars show up, and after some police officers run into the restaurant, they immediately start looking around for someone to arrest.

    Police Officer: "Vixen! What's going on here?"

    Vixen: "These two women came after me, so I defended myself."

    A restaurant patron runs up to the police officer. "It's true, Officer! I recorded the entire encounter on my cellphone!"

    After the police officers watch the footage, they agree that One-Man-Amy and Mukbang Gorge should be taken into custody. As One-Man-Amy has the cuffs slapped onto her wrists, a photo falls out of her pocket.

    Vixen: "Wait, what's this?" She picks up the photo.

    One Woman Amy: "That's Jamal, my boyfriend. He's the love of my life. He is my rock, my strength, my everything."

    As Vixen continues to stare at Jamal's photo, she realizes he is the most attractive man she has ever seen.

    And she wants him.
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    Marilyn “Mari” Jiwe McCabe is a supermodel, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, a billionaire, an animal rights activist and an Animal Master. She can mimic the abilities, senses and wisdom of any living, extinct or mythological animal. And since humans are animals, Vixen might be able to mimic the genius-level intelligence of Mr. Terrific, Batman and Lex Luthor...all at once, if she wanted (since she can combine abilities however she wants). The totem she wears around her neck is not the source of her powers (since her powers are innate), but it does help her to control her powers so that they do not overwhelm her.

    Episode 17: “BooBae”

    Marilyn “Mari” McCabe is sitting in her office at McCabe Unlimited when she gets a phone call from Amanda Waller, commanding officer of Task Force X, otherwise known as the Suicide Squad!

    Mari: “Ms. McCabe is not here right now; may I take a message?”

    Amanda: “Yeah, tell Ms. McCabe to cut the crap and listen: I need you.”

    Mari: “Get someone else. I mean it this time.”

    Amanda: “I’m going to a party in a few days and I need to look stunning for my date. Can you help me?”

    Mari: “You have a date? Is he blind? Is it a BLIND date? Get it?”

    Amanda: “Mari, don’t play with me. I need you to make me a dress that will make him drool.”

    Mari: “What is your date’s name?”

    Amanda: “Not that it matters, but he just goes by Agent Odell.”

    Mari: “That name sounds familiar…”

    Amanda: “Help me.”

    Mari: “Is there no one else you can get to make you a dress?”

    Amanda: “I came to you because you owe me a favor, girl. Plus, you’re a fashion designer. This is what you do. Plus, again, you OWE me.”

    Mari: “I owe you nothing!”

    Amanda: “Well, if you won’t help me I’ll have even MORE mice infest Australia. And the more mice that invade, the more of your furry little rodent friends will be slaughtered to end that infestation.”

    Mari: “Don’t do that! Australia is already being overrun with mice as it is.”

    Amanda: “That’s what I’m saying! Help me or so help me God I’ll have 50 gazillion more mice on the next flight to Queensland!”

    Mari: “Alright, alright, I’ll make you a dress.”

    Amanda: “That’s a good girl.”

    Amanda hangs up, and one of Mari’s female employees, who has been eavesdropping on the entire conversation, smirks.

    Enchantra Diabolica: “So Mari McCabe is going to design a dress for someone, huh? Okay, I’m going to put a spell on that dress, and when the crap hits the fan, McCabe will be the one to take the blame. That’s what she gets for not promoting me to be her Executive Assistant!”

    Enchantra’s blue eyes sparkle for a second, and then her vicious grin grows wider. Afterwards she chants a spell and twerks, because if she doesn’t twerk the spell won’t work.
    A few moments later, Mari’s Executive Assistant Angelique Alba calls her line.

    Mari: “Yes?”

    Angelique: “There’s a young man here to see you. His name is Jamal Tuma. He says he wants to talk to you about his girlfriend whose name is One-Man-Amy.” (To find out who One-Man-Amy is, check out Episode 16: "Just Desserts").

    Mari instantly remembers Jamal, having seen his photo after it dropped out of One-Man-Amy’s pocket as she was being arrested.

    Mari: “Thanks, Angie. Send him in, please.”

    When Jamal enters her office, Mari instantly feels the need to take a very, very cold shower.

    Jamal: “Hi Ms. McCabe, I’m Jamal Tuma.”

    Mari: “Please, call me Mari.” She holds out her hand for him to shake it and when he does, she doesn’t let go of his hand right away. However, she eventually realizes that he needs his hand returned, so she reluctantly lets it go.

    Jamal: “I wanted to apologize to you in person for the behavior of my ex-girlfriend, One-Man-Amy. What she did to you is inexcusable.”

    Mari: “Your ex-girlfriend?”

    Jamal: “Yeah. I broke up with her when I heard she got arrested for what she had done to you.”

    Mari: (subconsciously playing with her shoulder-length hair) “I appreciate the apology, but it wasn’t your fault.”

    They continue intensely staring at each other, and Jamal can’t help but get lost in Mari’s amber eyes. Or are her eyes hazel? Greenish? He isn’t really sure what color her eyes are, all he knows is that he is mesmerized by them. He feels himself growing, so he breaks off eye contact but realizes he can’t stand up and leave just yet because it would be embarrassing for her to see him in that condition.

    Jamal: “I know this may sound odd, but if you want, I could keep in touch with you to let you know how things are progressing with Amy’s eventual court case. You know, because I assume you would like to know what kind of sentence she receives, if any?”

    Mari: “Oh, right, of course. Yes, please do keep me informed about what happens to Amy. I’m extremely interested in whatever you have to say…uh, about that. You’ve got my office number but let me give you my cell number, just in case you try to reach me and I’m not in the office.”

    After she gives him her cell phone number, she walks him to the door and brushes up against him like a cat to mark him with her scent.

    Mari: “Thanks again for stopping by, and I’ll be waiting for your updates.”

    Jamal: “Ok, cool. See ya.”

    They stare at each other again before Jamal leaves. Once he’s gone, Mari uses the senses of a blood hound to take in Jamal’s scent.
    Two days later, Amanda Waller is at a party with her date, Agent Odell, Odell can’t keep his eyes or hands off Amanda, who giggles every time he whispers in her ear. The elegant dress that Mari designed for her has gotten rave reviews from a lot of the other females at the party, and Amanda has noticed that a few other men have been staring at her throughout the night. Feeling on top of the world, Amanda allows herself to relax, unwind and have some much- needed fun.

    But speaking of unwinding, two hours into Amanda wearing the red dress, the fabric begins to rapidly disintegrate, and before she can run out of the room, she is standing in front of everyone in just her panties, since she had decided not to wear a bra since a bra had been sewn into the dress! As some party-goers gasp in shock while others laugh, Odell hurriedly takes off his shirt and covers Amanda’s bare chest with it.

    Amanda: “Sorry, everyone, for the wardrobe malfunction!”

    Amanda: (thinking) <And I know exactly who to blame for it>
    Later that night, as a weary Mari is lying in bed thinking about Jamal’s muscular physique, Amanda Waller and Agent Odell climb through one of her bedroom windows.

    Mari: “Hey! Get out of here!”

    Amanda: “Not until we have a little talk. Thanks to you, I was humiliated tonight!”

    Mari: “What are you talking about? And who is that dude with you?”

    Odell: “I’m Agent Odell, Ms. McCabe. That little stunt you pulled is going to cost you dearly. I don’t like it when people mess with my boo.”

    Mari: “First of all, I think I’m about to vomit. Waller’s your “boo” now? Second of all, I still have no idea what you two are talking about.”

    Amanda: “My dress disappeared while I was wearing it!”

    Mari: “Too bad you didn’t disappear along with it!”

    Amanda: “You may think this is all fun and games, but it’s not. I was horrified standing there practically naked in front of everyone!”

    Mari: “If it makes you feel any better, the other people at the party were probably also horrified! But all jokes aside, I have no idea why your dress “disappeared.”

    Amanda: “I don’t know how or why it disappeared, either; all I know is I’m holding you personally responsible for this since you are the one who made the dress. So, guess what: remember those mice we discussed earlier?”

    Mari: “Amanda, come on, don’t do this!”

    Amanda: “It’s already been done. I put the order in before Odell and I arrived here. About 22 hours from now, Australia’s going to be flooded with 50 gazillion more mice! I hope the Australians have plenty of room and board!”

    Odell: “And beyond that, I will be watching you extremely closely from here on out. I don’t like troublemakers. I’m going to watch you like a hawk, just like I watch that Black Lightning fellow. Both of you are troublemakers. Superheroes…can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Am I right, Bae?”

    Amanda: “You are so right, Boo.”

    The Wall and Agent Odell kiss passionately, and Mari closes her eyes and covers her ears as her visitors have a mini make-out session before they climb back out the window.

    Later that night, Mari tries to get some sleep, but she keeps having nightmares about Waller and Odell swapping spit and calling each other “Boo” and “Bae”…
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    Marilyn “Mari” Jiwe McCabe is a supermodel, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, a billionaire, an animal rights activist and an Animal Master. She can mimic the abilities, senses and wisdom of any living, extinct or mythological animal. And since humans are animals, Vixen might be able to mimic the genius-level intelligence of Mr. Terrific, Batman and Lex Luthor...all at once, if she wanted (since she can combine abilities however she wants). The totem she wears around her neck is not the source of her powers (since her powers are innate), but it does help her to control her powers so that they do not overwhelm her.

    Episode 18: "I Ain't Missing You At All"

    A few days later, in the JLA Watchtower...

    John Stewart: "Legend has it that if you say Vixen's real name just once, she just shows up out of the blue."

    Batman: "Oh boy, here we go. You miss her, don't you, John?"

    John Stewart: "No."

    Batman: "Yes you do."

    John Stewart: "No, I don't. I'm merely trying to prove something to you. You see Vixen's nowhere in this room right now, right?"

    Batman: "Right."

    John Stewart: "And she hasn't been seen or heard from in months, right?"

    Batman: "I'm intrigued. Please continue."

    John Stewart: "Watch this. Mari McCabe."

    Mari: "Hi Jonathan."

    John whirls around and sees Marilyn "Mari" McCabe staring at him.

    Batman: "Well pinch my nipples and call me Daddy, that's frightening, and I'm not easily frightened!"

    John: "Hey, Mari."

    Mari: "Did you miss me?"

    John: Wait, you were gone?"

    Mari: "Jonathan Stewart, don't play with me."

    John: "I could have sworn you were here the entire time..."

    Batman: "So is anyone here going to pinch my nipples, or..."

    Mari: "Don't you have a dark cave to brood in, Batman?"

    Batman: "I already did that. Now back to my nipples..."

    John: "Nipples don't even belong on the Batsuit."

    Mari: "Right? I'm looking at his costume and it looks nothing like a real bat. If you REALLY want to scare criminals, you need to look like Man-Bat and stop playing around. Or at least talk to Wayne Williams."

    Batman: "Who's Wayne Williams?"

    Mari: "He's an alternate universe Batman who looks more like an actual bat then you do."

    Batman: "Whatevs."

    Mari: "So anyway, John, why did you call me?"

    Batman: "He called your name because he misses you."

    Mari: "That's what I figured."

    John: "No, I didn't miss you."

    Batman: "Methinks he doth protest too much."

    Mari: "Methinks the same thing. Just admit it, John."

    John: "There's nothing to admit."

    John sits down, folds his arms and leans his chair back against the wall in sheer defiance.

    Mari: "Your willpower is no match for my own."

    John: "On the contrary, my willpower FAR exceeds yours."

    Mari: "No, it doesn't."

    John: "Yes, it does."

    Batman: "Maybe, it does."

    Mari: "Uh, Nipples, you're free to go."

    Batman: "Fine. But I may or may not eavesdrop on this conversation when I leave the room."

    After Batman pretends to leave, Mari and John continue staring at each other.

    Mari: "You're probably curious as to where I've been these past few months."

    John: "I'm not curious, since I didn't even know you've been gone."

    Mari: "You know I know how to get the truth out of you, so why lie?"

    John: "I'm not lying."

    John and Mari continue staring at each other, and Zatanna enters the room.

    Zatanna: "Hey guys, waaaaaaaazup?"

    Mari: "Waaaaaaaazup!"

    John: "Waaaaaaaazup!"

    59 seconds later, the three Justice Leaguers finally put their tongues back in their mouths after having them hanging out while saying "Waaaaaaaazup?"

    Zatanna: "So what's going on?"

    Mari: "John's pretending like he didn't miss me while I was gone."

    Zatanna gives John a skeptical look, reaches into her top hat and then holds up a sign that says "C'mon, son!"

    Martian Manhunter enters the breakroom with a plate of Oreos and sits down.

    Zatanna: "Are those Oreos?"

    Martian Manhunter: "Indeed. They're real, and they're spectacular."

    Teri Hatcher: "Are they? May we have some?"

    Martian Manhunter gives Teri Hatcher and Zatanna some Oreos.

    Superman skips into the room and stares at Teri Hatcher.

    Superman: "Lois!?"

    Teri Hatcher: "Nah, I'm Teri Hatcher."

    Superman: "Sorry, you look so much like her..."

    Teri Hatcher: "Believe it or not, but you're the first guy to tell me that. Thanks for the Oreos, guys, but I've gotta split. I have to meet up with some desperate housewives."

    MacGyver shows up as Teri Hatcher is leaving.

    MacGyver: "Penny Parker!?"

    Captain America: "I understood that reference."

    Teri Hatcher: "Oy vey!"

    Zatanna keeps eating Oreos, as does Martian Manhunter. Suddenly there is just one Oreo left, and Martian Manhunter and Zatanna stare each other down, daring the other one to have the sheer AUDACITY to eat the last cookie. But as they both reach for the last cookie at the same time, Cookie Monster grabs it and eats it.

    Cookie Monster: "MINES!"

    Wonder Woman walks backwards into the room so that she doesn't attract any attention.

    Mari: "Diana, do me a favor and use your lasso on John. I want to hear him say he missed me while I was gone for 5 months."

    Wonder Woman: "Wait, you were gone?"

    Mari: (smacking herself on the forehead) "Oy vey!"
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    Marilyn “Mari” Jiwe McCabe is a supermodel, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, a billionaire, an animal rights activist and an Animal Master. She can mimic the abilities, senses and wisdom of any living, extinct or mythological animal. And since humans are animals, Vixen might be able to mimic the genius-level intelligence of Mr. Terrific, Batman and Lex Luthor...all at once, if she wanted (since she can combine abilities however she wants). The totem she wears around her neck is not the source of her powers (since her powers are innate), but it does help her to control her powers so that they do not overwhelm her.

    Vixen 19.jpg

    Previously, on "All Our Universes", Murder Hornet was carted off to jail, and Thanos told Queen Bee if she wanted something done, she would have to do it herself. Also, an employee of Mari's named Enchantra Diabolica cast a spell on a dress that Mari made for Amanda Waller, which caused the dress to disintegrate when Amanda was at a party with Agent Odell.

    And now...

    Episode 19: "Can She BEE Any More Annoying?"

    Marilyn "Mari" Jiwe McCabe emerges from her office at McCabe Unlimited to get a fresh cup of A&W Root Beer and sees one of her employees, Enchantra Diabolica, staring at her with an extremely angry expression.

    Mari: "Enchantra, are you alright? You look PISSED."

    Enchantra: "I AM pissed."

    Mari: "Come on, step into my office and we'll talk about it."

    Enchantra follows her into the office and then sits down.

    Mari: "Why are you so upset?"

    Enchantra: "You overlooked me for a promotion. I had applied to be your Executive Assistant."

    Mari: "Oh, right. About that...well, to be completely honest, I don't think you have what it takes to be an Executive Assistant. You're always coming in late, you're constantly surfing the Internet, and quite a few of your co-workers have complained that you twerk a lot, which can be quite distracting especially to your male co-workers."

    Enchantra: "Oh! I see. Well, I had no idea I was such a horrible employee."

    Mari: "I wouldn't classify you as a "horrible" employee, but I am hoping you can start coming to work on time from now on and refrain from surfing the Internet unless you're on your lunchbreak. But I do have to ask: what's up with the twerking?"

    Enchantra: "I have to twerk, or my spells won't work."

    Mari: "Wait, what?"

    Enchantra: "I'm a witch."

    Mari: "Riiiiiiiight... and I'm the Queen of Zambesi."

    Enchantra: "I'll prove it. When you came out of your office a few minutes ago, where were you headed before you saw me?"

    Mari: "To the kitchen, to get some more root beer."

    Enchantra mumbles a spell, jumps up on Mari's desk, twerks and then watches Mari's reaction as a cup of root beer suddenly appears on the desk.

    Mari: (staring at the cup of root beer) "I can't believe that just happened."

    Enchantra: "How did Amanda Waller like her dress, before it disappeared off her chubby bod?"

    Mari: "How did you- wait, YOU made that happen?"

    Enchantra: Yeah, because you didn't hire me as your Executive Assistant. But now that I know why you didn't hire me, I forgive you."

    Mari: "You're fired."

    Enchantra: "Why, because I'm a witch?"

    Mari: "No, because you interfered in my life and had Amanda questioning my reputation as a good fashion designer. Not to mention that you caused her to feel humiliated. I can't have you twerking around here whenever you feel like it and causing more trouble. Pack up your things. Security will be at your desk in a few minutes to escort you out of the building."

    Enchantra giggles and continues staring at Mari.

    Mari: "Did you hear what I just said?"

    Enchantra mumbles another spell and twerks again. Mari blinks rapidly several times and then closes her eyes, trying to deal with the dizziness she is suddenly experiencing. A few seconds later, Mari opens her eyes.

    Mari: "Enchantra, I didn't see or hear you come in! Sorry about that. Do you need something?"

    Enchantra: "No, I just stopped in to let you know that I'm almost done with that Cosmetics report you requested. Well, I'll get right back to work."

    Mari: "Okay, thanks for the update."

    Later that day, at the Hall of Justice...

    Vixen: "Oh, Mr. Terrific, I'm glad I ran into you. I was wondering if you could tell me everything you did to build your sanctuary in another dimension. I'm thinking of establishing a few sanctuaries of my own in several different dimensions. Oh, and I'll need to ask John Stewart if he can help me design them."

    Mr. Terrific: "I'd be happy to help. I never pass up an excuse to talk about other dimensions."

    Mr. Terrific is about to give Vixen a fist bump when Starfire laughs.

    Starfire: (with her eyes closed) "Oh, I so DO enjoy the bumping of the fists! It sort of reminds me of when Dick Grayson visits my room in Titans Tower every Friday and Saturday night so that we can engage in the knocking of the boots!"

    Vixen: "HELLO!"

    Mr. Terrific: "Yikes!"

    Mr. Spock: "Fascinating."

    Wonder Woman: "Great Hera!"

    Doc Brown: "Great Scott!"

    Luke Cage: "Sweet Christmas!"

    Misty Knight: "Sour Thanksgiving!"

    Velma: "Jinkies!"

    J.J. Evans: "Dy-no-mite!"

    Fred Flintstone: "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

    Homer Simpson: "D'oh!"

    Glenn Quagmire: "Giggity!"

    Paris Hilton: "That's hot."

    Gomer Pyle: "Shazam!"

    Captain Marvel: "Shazam!"

    Shazam: (to Gomer Pyle and Captain Marvel) "Uh, that's MY line!"

    Kool-Aid Man: (crashing through a wall) "Oh yeah!"

    Wonder Woman: "Hey Kool-Aid Man, for real, though, let me get some of your sweet, sweet nectar!"

    Kool-Aid Man (running away from Wonder Woman) "Oh no!"

    Suddenly a woman dressed in a bee costume crashes through another wall, and as thousands of bees buzz around the room to distract the occupants, the woman grabs Vixen by her hair and drags her out of the building.

    Vixen: (still being dragged by her hair) "Well, THIS is quite rude..."

    Woman: "Oh, this? This is nothing. Things will get much worse for you. And since we've never officially met, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Queen Bee, and I will be the one to beat you to a pulp for interfering in my plan."

    Vixen: (struggling to not get her face dragged on the ground) "Let me guess...OUCH! You're planning on taking over the world. Such a stupid plan."

    Queen Bee: "Nah, but I am planning on taking over social media."

    Vixen: "That's actually even more stupid."

    Queen Bee: "Shut up, before you embarrass yourself."

    Vixen: "Ha! The joke's on you, Your Lowness! I'm already embarrassed..."
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