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    Default Cast The Expendables reboot for 2030

    Looking at what you’ve got to work w. in terms of action movie stars/actors, MMA and wrestling guys, sports stars and their ages, cast an Expendables reboot for ten years down the road.

    Who’ll be the grizzled vets (40 years old minimum) in your 5-8 man squad?

    You can’t use any of the previous Expendables for your team, BUT, you can use one of them you think might not be in a walker by then to cameo.

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    The Rock - Leader
    Jason Mamoa
    Chris Hemsworth
    Tony Jaa
    Francis Ngannou
    Ryan Reynolds

    Bad guy
    Keanu Reeves with Bautista as the muscle.

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    Dwayne Johnson
    Matt Damon
    Tony Jaa
    Ryan Reynolds
    Milla Jovovich
    Gerard Butler
    Karl Urban
    Donnie Yen

    Bad guys - Will Smith with Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Renner as his 2nds.

    Maybe have Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson in cameos.

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    Iko uwais
    Mackenzie Davis

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