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    Default main Batman books

    so a quick look at listing of Batman titles has lots of titles...which ones are the main ones? And what's the difference between the different titles like Shadow of the Bat, Showcase, etc?

    Right off the top of my head the books to keep check of storywise


    Detective Comics


    Robin (whenever he has a title) and the Titans titles (since Dick Tim Jason and Damian) have been a part of the team at some point)

    Batgirl titles

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    Batman is the flagship title still and Detective Comics is the other main Batman ongoing title. Depending on who is currently writing usually determines which one is best. But lately the Batman title will be where the major events and arcs take place.

    The other titles are the "bat family" so to speak and might tie in with a major event, otherwise they are pretty self contained I think.

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    Batman Detective Comics

    The Bat-Family books are for fans of those characters, but aren't necessary or worthwhile for those who are only fans of Batman himself. They show-up from time to time as guest stars in Batman and Batman Detective Comics anyway.

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    Like sayd, the main Book are Batman and Detective Comics.
    Batman appeared for the first time in Detective Comics #27 in 1939.
    The Year after the Batman title was launch.

    Over the years, Batman has become the main title in which the main events occure.
    None the less, Detective Comics remains important

    Detective Comics has had many different function over the years:
    - Hold stories that includes more of the Batfamilly
    - Hold smaller arcs
    - Explore secondary plots
    - ...

    Then why are there even more Bat-titles like
    - Legends of the Dark Knight
    - Batman Confidential
    - The Brave and the Bold
    - Gotham Knights
    - Shadow of the Bat
    - Batman, the dark knight
    - All-Star Batman
    - ...

    Well mainly it's because the Batman's popularity that DC chooses to add even more titles.
    But each is somewhat themed.
    - Very short arcs
    - Very solo stories
    - Story more about a Vilain than a Bat storie
    - Batman team-up
    - ...

    The other Bat-familly titles are there for various reasons:
    - fans
    - attract younger audiance
    - make the side-kicks / roosters have their own adventures
    - ...

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    Showcase isn't a Bat book but a series of showcasing less-known DC characters or characters without a book

    Besides Batman, Detective, and the Batfamily member titles, they sometimes make new Batman titles if they can afford it

    Shadow of The Bat is an extra title containing stories that is not enough to be told in the main titles, such as the detail of new Arkham Asylum, how Bruce healed his back after Bane broke it while Azrael is the main character of the main Batman title, and what Scarecrow was doing in No Man's Land.

    The old Legend of the Dark Knights told stories of Batman's early years since there's a new origin after the reboot

    The new Legend of the Dark Knights is a digital first out of continuity series for casual audience

    The New 52 Dark Knight focuses on Batman vs specific villains or villains back story since New 52 Batman tells epic bat family stories and New 52 Detective tells solo Batman

    Then there are titles specifically created because the writer leaving Batman still wants to write him, such as All-Star Batman, or containing topic too specific to be in the main title, such as Batman/Catwoman

    I think since Grant Morrison, Batman becomes the main title and the writers of Batman determine the direction of the Bat family

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    I think thats about the only ones I read now.

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