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    I'm not sure that Wraith Squadron was that forgotten. One of the last old EU novels before the Disney sale/canon overhaul was a Wraith Squadron novel. (The author of the series also died a few years later).

    I also have a bit of a soft spot for "River of Chaos" a Louise Simonson comic series from the mid 90's dealing with a defecting Imperial pilot (By now a well-worn Star Wars trope it seems) and also featuring Leia as a side character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bob.schoonover View Post
    Silly Squadron and Dinner Squadron, Lieutenant Ketch, Face and Phanan, the trip to Storinal (and the Agamar triplets) all agree that Wraith Squadron ought to be in contention here.
    I think Adumar has more concentrated humor - Allstonís A-Game is well above most of his peers in both the series and the novel... but for some reason, Wes Janson, of all people, being the straight man to a just-recently-laid Wedge Antilles is the extra winner for me.

    By the by... would anyone else agree with me that Allstonís X-Wing books were better than Stackpoleís? Stack pole is still very good... but I like the characters better under Allstonís hands, and Isard, while a pretty good villain, feels totally outmatched by Zsinj... and the entire culture of Cartaan on Adumar.
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