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    Default Will we see a new live action Superman movie this decade?

    Cavill or no Cavill, DCEU or reboot or something else, do you think or believe that Superman will get another full on solo movie in the 2020s? Or is he just slated for cameos and team ups at best?

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    Yeah I think so, around 2023 is when I expect they’ll try again. I don’t think it will be Cavill though.

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    The whole decade? Sure, probably. Hell I bet we’ll get one within 5. Might even be one of those 2 FanDome announcements.
    It’ll probably be Cavill again, though I’d rather we get someone new.
    The real question is will see a good one in this decade?
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    I'm not so sure. It wouldn't be the first time that a Superman project has been in development hell for a decade plus. On another hand its different era now, where superhero movies in general have a lot higher a priority. But on a third hand as a singular concept, WB clearly has little to no confidence in Superman himself, apparently in the belief that there's a problem with the core concept today as opposed to them just being incompetent in how to utilize it. So I wouldn't at all be confident in one this decade. Its possible, but who knows. I'd take the over that we'll see three more Batman movies before we get another Superman movie. And even then, I'm still not convinced they won't eventually decide to veer away from Kal-El and do something else, something I wouldn't consider a Superman film at all.
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    I highly doubt it.

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    My guess would be that we'll get a hard reboot just after Flashpoint comes out. I think WB is sick of sitting on Cavill. Or the new Batman movie is a backdoor reboot.
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    Yes, but if it will actually be Clark Kent I don't know. Is possible that we will see Calvin Ellis, Hernán Guerra or Val Zod before we see a new take on Kal-El. I prefer if WB first get classic Superman right before any type of legacy or alternate version.

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    I mean, we've got a lot of road left before this decade is over. Who the hell knows? In ten years time we might be talking about the revitalization of Superman and celebrating his phoenix like rise back to the top of pop culture relevance....or we might be talking about the good old days when Superman still had a monthly comic of his own. Hell, given the way 2020 has gone, in ten years we might be talking about the good old days when there were still comics and movies.

    I have zero faith in WB when it comes to any DC film; far as I'm concerned the few good ones they've made have been flukes, and when it comes to Superman I expect them to miss the point entirely and screw up. So I'm less concerned about *if* we get another movie than I am about the quality of the movie if/when we get one.

    I expect we'll get some kind of spin-off before Clark Kent gets another film. Hell they already tried making a Supergirl movie (that seems to have fallen apart before even starting, like most of WB's efforts with DC) and in the current climate I can believe WB would opt for a Superman of color over the white passing guy we all know. Whether they just cast a black man as Clark Kent or they use someone like Calvin Ellis? Hard to say but I think they'd go with Ellis or another Super who isn't Clark, rather than race bend Kent.
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