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I feel like they're probably saving Cody up for something major.
Probably, but it's still one of those things where an appearance here would've been more than warranted.

According to toy leaks we are getting one more high ranking clone but it's "Clone captain Ballast". We don't know whether this is one of Rex's guys, the Kaminoans, or if this is just Imperial. Funnily enough for changing Caleb's clone legion colors for the show, they actually left it that way for the toy so really nobody gets an accurate portrayal of his friends outside the 501st legion. Naturally Ballast is colored teal and when he got leaked people confused him for a 501st commander. So nobody seems to win on portrayal or who shows up in the show.

I just hope Cody shows up in Kenobi cause otherwise I can't imagine what else he'd be used in.