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    Default Golden Age Wonder Woman in the Bronze Age

    Wonder Woman 228 is a team up between Wonder Woman of Earth-One and Wonder Woman of Earth-Two. After that, from issue 229 until issue 242, the Wonder Woman title stars Wonder Woman of Earth-Two. Wonder Woman 243 is another team up between the two Wonder Women and after that issue the title returns to being about the Wonder Woman of the main Earth.

    Has anyone read these issues? Without reading them myself, I'd like to know what the in-story explanation is for the long stretch of issues staring Wonder Woman of Earth-Two.


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    To tie in to the Lynda Carter 70s show where its first season was set during WW2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    To tie in to the Lynda Carter 70s show where its first season was set during WW2.
    Yes, correct as posted.

    I do not think there was any other reason than that.

    The TV show WW then changed stations for Seasons 2 & 3. In Season 2, WW was brought into the 1970's (and remained there for Season 3) and the comic followed suit.

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    This was a fun little run, but it was more of a DC TV comic as those issues mirrored the setting of the first season of the Lynda Carter TV show more than the actual Golden Age comics. Etta Candy worked with Diana Prince at the War Department instead of being a student at Holiday College. Steve Trevor had brown hair, like Lyle Waggoner. Steve and Diana worked for General Blankenship from the TV show instead of General Darnell from the GA comics. The Earth-2/TV setting was also used in her solo spot in “World’s Finest” during this time.

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    They aren't my favourite stories from the Bronze Age, though they aren't bad either. There is also a Wonder Woman vs Superman story in All-New Collectors’ Edition Vol 1 #C-54 set in the same universe. That Wonder Woman also makes a cameo later on too in issue #300 I think.
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