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Sorry, what??
You dont know the Phantom Stranger its ok and you are a Diana Fan...Ok...

But speaking the reality:

1. In Day of Vengeance we have seen that Spectre and Phantom Stranger are absolutely equal in offensive and defensive power...
Phantom Stranger has his feats (Mayan God etc.)
You should read about him....

2. Stranger is around place Nr.5:
1 Presence
2 Elaine
3 Michael+Lucifer
5 Phantom Stranger

3. Presence,Phantom Stranger,Spectre,Lucifer,Elaine,Michael are ABOVE gods like Zeus,Darkseid, so it doesnt matter if the lasso was wielded or has constrained weak "Gods" like Zeus,Hera,Darkseid etc.

4. The "Problem" is straight forward that the Phantom Stranger is so OP, that he CANT interfere...
If he would be allowed to interfere he could simply look at Darkseid,Zeus,Hera,Aphrodite etc. etc. and they would be whiped out of existence

So it makes no sense, that a weak mortal like Diana, who isnt even at the level of a Darkseid can restrain a being whose powers is out of any classification like the Phantom Stranger itself..

And the question is ridiculous:
Phantom Stranger is logically overpowered, but
a) Therefore he is limited-he is limited because else he could simply whipe out Gods,end the crisis etc. etc. etc. etc.
This is the concept of him: Being more powerful than Gods, but limited to make him not omnipotent
b) Phantom Stranger ISNT a regular
c) Before it was like this:
You had categories:
I Beings who are above Gods: Spectre,Presence,Lucifer,Michael,Phantom Stranger....
II Gods
III Mortals like Diana,Flash,Superman....

So if Diana can restrain Phantom Stranger,it means that Robin can also kill Darkseid etc. etc.

Day of Vengeance...

Spectre was amped and Phantom Stranger and Spectre were on the same level...

Besides there were situations were the Phantom Stranger killed an Mayan God and he was durable enough to tank the magic of Spectre,Dr.Fate and Eclipso combined...

Problem is simple that if a weak demigodess like Diana is able to restrain a being who is out of any classification like the Phantom Stranger we then also have to accept that Robin might chop Darkseid in pieces...

The truth is simple: If we accept that a simple mortal like Diana can restrain a being who is above "Gods" like Darkseid and Zeus there are no limits and every character can do what he or she wants..

Before it was simple, because there were categories:
1 Untouchables like Spectre,Phantom Stranger,Lucifer,Elaine,Presence....and they were stronger than any other beings
2 "Gods" like Zeus,Darkseid,Hera....
3 Mortals like Superman,Diana,Flash etc.

and no character under a certain category could defeat one of the category above (ok-with magical weapons yes), but now this is broken..

No-it doesnt...

Robin vs Darkseid makes even less sense because it's a human vs a God. Diana is far above human level.

The Phanton Stranger is a plot device character. His power depends on what the writer needs for the story. And since we are talking about what we get and don't get to decide. DC has constantly stated that the Lasso is unbreakable. So you don't get to decide if stranger is or not able to break it. DC says it can not be broken. So it wasn't. As simple as that.