Figured I'd make a thread about the current Image Comics Showcase sale going on at Humble Bundle, for those interested.


It's a pay-what-you-want thing, and you can decide how your money gets divided between Image, charities, and the Humble Bundle website. The charities hopefully benefiting from this sale are the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (which supports independent book stores and comic shops), and the Hero Initiative (who provide a financial safety net for comics creators in need).
You have to adjust the percentage breakdown yourself though, otherwise the charities only get a few bucks, which is a bit annoying.

Please note these are digital comics only, not physical products if that's important to you.
But hey, could be an easy way to sample a few series you've been curious about, and kick some bucks to charity while you're at it.

Comics included:
Battlechasers, all 10 issues.
Black Science, Volume 1-5.
Blackbird, Volume 1
Buzzkill, all 4 issues.
COPRA, Volume 1&2.
Criminal, Volume 1-5.
Curse Words, Volume 1&2.
Farmhand, Volume 1&2.
The Ghost Fleet, full series.
God Country, issues 1-6.
Hack/Slash, Volume 1-6.
Heavy Liquid, all 5 issues.
Ice Cream Man, Volume 1&2.
Invincible, Volume 1&2.
Kill Or Be Killed, Volume 1&2.
Little Bird: The Fight For Elder's Hope, full series.
Low, Volume 1&2.
Monstress, Volume 1-4.
My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, full graphic novel.
Nailbiter, Volume 1-6.
Nowhere Men, Volume 1
Oblivion Song, Volume 1&2.
Outcast, Volume 1&2
Plutona, all 5 issues.
Pretty Deadly, Volume 1-3.
Redlands, Volume 1&2
Revival, Volume 1-4.
Savage Town, full graphic novel
Sex Criminals, Volume 1&2.
Snotgirl, Volume 1&2.
Stray Bullets, Volume 1-6
Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses, Volume 1-4.
They're Not Like Us, Volume 1&2
Unnatural, Volume 1-3.
We Stand On Guard, all 6 issues.

Hope I got all those right, maybe double-check yourself - obviously I'm not affiliated with this charity sale at all.
Lots of good stuff in here though, I'm currently re-reading Revival and that series holds up pretty well outside of some dated references. Pretty curious to finally try Little Bird too, it received so much praise last year, but I never got around to it.

Between this, their participation in #BackTheComeback, and the recent Walking Dead promotion, it looks like Image are at least trying to help out Comic Shops hit hard by COVID-19.